The 2 Best Places to Visit in Malaysia

Malaysia has been nationally and internationally famous for its dynamic cities, vast green rice paddies, crystal blue beaches, …. Thus, we recommend 4 « worthy – visiting » states during your journey to Malaysia. 


Langkawi Island has been famous for its symbolic Eagle standing proud at Eagles Square, or the Skybridge at the height of 100 meters above sea level, and the picturesqueTanjung Rhu beach, which siezed the title one of The 50 Most Beautiful Beaches in the World in 2016 by CNN.

If you are engaged with adventure sports, you should definitely give the following destinations a try during your journey to Langkawi Island.

Skytrex Adventure is the first of its kind in Malaysia to offer a jungle – crossing on air where participants swing, fly, and glide to overcome obstacles in the air to go through the Malaysia’s tropical forest. 

Situated in, Guning Raya, the highest mountain of Langkawi, habitat for more than 400 species of plants and wildlife animals such as ferrets, wild boars, wild weasels and more than 40 types of snakes,  Langkawi Canopy Adventures is undoubtedly an ideal destination for those who show big love for natural exploration and adventurous experience. The journey of climbing up to the peak of the mountain of  890 meters high lasting 2 to 3 hours is actually a mental and physical but worthy challenge because you can hold the panoramic view of the surrounding spectacular nature.

Langkawi Jet Ski Tour offers a 4-hour exploration of Langkawi by jet-ski. The thing is that you can drive by yourself or ask for help of the tour guide. It promises to give you unforgettable moments during your trip to this amazing state.


Perak Darul Ridzuan means blessing land in Malaysian. This second largest state of peninsula Malaysia features developed economy, amazing tropical forests, and rich culture.

If you are a real « foodaholic », you should definitely give local specialities a stry such as Hakka noodles, Ipoh Chee Cheong Fun (a type of steamed rice roll served with a sweet spicy sauce), Hainan chicken in Ipoh recipes, especially Ipoh white coffee (hot milk coffee in Ipoh recipes). They promise to stir up your appetite with a mouthful.

If you are engaged in culture and tradition exploration, you should make a visit to Kong Heng Square, Concubine Lane, Ipoh Old Town, Ipoh Railway Station, Kellie's Castle. Additionally, you might stay at  Pangkor Resort on the island and explore nature at the Royal Belum State and Kinta Valley Nature Parks. A lot of unforgettable experiences await you!

The Sublime Beauty of Hon Lon Island

Located in Van Phong Bay, Van Ninh Commune, Khanh Hoa Province, 50 kilometers from Nha Trang, Hon Lon Island has fascinated holidaymakers with the pristine charm and tranquility that promises to mesmerize them right they set foot in it.

The stunning Hon Lon Island is the dock of boats and ships during hurricane season. One side of the island, in which the beach is sandy and smooth, enables boats to get on the dock. Meanwhile, the other 3 sides are quite « tough » with sharp rocks. To attend at 2 – day journey to this amazing island, you just need to spend about 70$ per person (a group of 9). Vacationers start their summer cruise to the island in Ho Chi Minh city and, then, can freely engage in all interesting activities awaiting them on the island. After 3 hours of traveling by ship, tourists approach the « untouched » Hon Lon Island featuring immense mountains and forests, and charming beaches without footprints. 

Featuring the length of 14,2 kilometers and width of 6 kilometers, and spreading over the area of 46 square kilometers, Hon Lon Island is surrounded by 2 thick mountains all year round. At Mien Dong Bus Station (Ho Chi Minh City), we got on a coach managed by  Ha Linh transportation company to the crossroads of Hien Luong Bridge (Van Ninh town). The ticket is priced at 10$ per person.

Got there, we contacted the fishermen whose boat we did hire in advance. We took the boat of a local fisherman named Vang with the price of 150$ for a 2-day-1-night cruise. If you want to drop by the stunning Diep Son Island that are not in your itinerary on the way back, you might pay more 25$. It takes nearly 3 hours to reach the island from the mainland but it’s still comfortable because of the fresh breezes and calm sea. Sitting on the boat, you have a chance to enjoy the vast nature as well as the crystal – clear seawater. The feeling of floating at the middle of the sea is « extraordinary ». It must be an unforgettable experience during your journey to this beautiful island.

On the way to the island, you see a lot of raft boats of the locals offering seafood at remarkably affordable prices. Although we told Mr. Vang to buy seafood before starting the journey, we still bought fishes priced at 13$/ kg and shrimps 8$ / kg. This exhilarating island was naturally favored the pristine blue seawater and the calm sea all year round, so you definitely indulge yourself into the cool water. More interesting, you can take coral diving because of the natural coral reefs that are 10 meters from the shore. Bear in mind, you should prepare diving glasses, life jackets, or even diving mask to explore these beautifully colorful coral reefs.

The sand is not totally « smooth » and soft, so you had better wear sandals to prevent your feet from being scratched. The most memorable experience for us is to gather, grill seafood and relax at a dried small cave with a capacity of 15 people on the right of the beach. We stayed there in the afternoon to stay away from such hot weather. Interestingly, Mr. Vang also prepared the tasteful « half-dried » squids for us. Just look, we can’t stand swallowing saliva. 

Although Hon Lon Island remains « unspoiled », it’s getting more dynamic with the increase in the number of raft boats and tourists sites.  However, the island itself is currently badly affected by domestic waste as well as waste from tourist’s throwing drifted to shore. Therefore, travelers should clean garbage producing from their playing and the camping ground. Surprisingly, Mr. Vang told us to bring litter that can not be burned back to the mainland. The other « must-mention» characteristic of this island is that it owns a fresh water stream of running down from the top of the mountain. Furthermore, the pristine and cool water definitely enables you to immerse yourself in this natural stream after having a bath at the beach. Water from this spring could be used for living, too.

To complete the journey, we were taken to Gieng Island to have breakfast, and, later on burn incense. There are a variety of tasteful dishes for breakfast in this island, fluctuated from 5$ to 12$. 

Discover the Heaven Gate of Vung Tau

Surrounded by the charming beach on the front and by majestic mountain at the back respectively, the « Heaven Gate » definitely fascinates its tourists by the magnificent beauty. Located in Nghinh Phong Cape, Vung Tau City, this exhilarating Cape has been familiar to those who are engaged in traveling and exploring.

Visiting Nghinh Phong Cape, you are certainly overwhelmed by the « breath - taking » scenery. This is the reason why the cape has been one of the « worth-visiting » destination during your journey to Vung Tau coastal city. In addition to enjoying the charming nature, tourists certainly immerse themselves in the pristine blue sea water and the cool fresh breezes of Vong Nguyet Beach.

Setting foot in this « breath-taking » Heaven Gate, you definitely hold a panoramic view of the stunning sea and the dynamic life of the best coastal city of Vietnam.

This heaven gate immediately grasps the attention of tourists by the « untouched » beach, spectacular mountain, and, more importantly, the « harmonious » combination of the local resident’s houses and the immense blue sky.

Among tourist attractions in Vung Tau, Nghinh Phong Cape is considered a leading one because of the « one-of-all-kind » scenery like a « perfect » water painting. Besides, Vong Nguyet Beach is attractive with the pristine blue water and the gently sloping beach. It is neither as noisy as Truoc Beach nor as dynamic as Sau Beach, Nghinh Phong Beach is alluring by its own mysterious and poetic beauties. Thus, it has been a familiar destination for the local residents. 

It is not difficult to find « eyes-catching » corners to take nice pictures in Nghinh Phong Cape. If you have ever given The Statue of God a try to hold a panoramic view of Nghinh Phong Cape, you should directly approach this amazing cape. Standing at the Heaven Gate, you definitely observe the whole mainland. How amazing!.

Suggesting directions: "Heaven Gate" is located in Nghinh Phong Cape tourist attraction on 1 Ha Long Street, Vung Tau City, near the road to the statue of God.

Top 5 Destinations in Quang Ngai Mesmerizing Backpackers

1. Ca Dam Mountain

Cà Đam is a 1.431-meter height mountain, which is the highest among other mountains in Quang Ngai . Many ethnic groups sometimes see 7-leaf ginseng while going into the forest. From  Quang Ngai city, travelers have to go through 50 kilometers road to Tra Bong mountain province. From there, follow the path connecting Tra Bong and Tay Tra district, pass through Eo Chim slope with more than 1.000-meter height. Then moving on a long route with approximately 20 kilometers to get to the newly opened road to Ca Dam.

Ca Dam surprises tourists with trail of magnificient mountains with the peak high-up to the sky. Clouds flow with the wind, uncover, then shroud the green tone of the mountain. The weather in Cà Đam changes throughout the day: Warm in the morning, cool at noon, mildy cold during afternoon and much colder at night.

2. Vi O Lac Mountain Pass

Vi O Lac Mountain Pass is long and high with many twists and turns, compared to other mountain passes in Quảng Ngãi province. The pass located at National Highway 24, which is one of the main highway connecting Tay Nguyen area with other Nam Trung Bo provinces. In the past, this pass is wild, full of trees with many Sưa trees (known as Dalbergia tonkinensis in scientific name’).
From the pass’s peak, tourists can see the entire land below. All directions are full of mountains, creating an undulating terrain. Looking from afar, at the mountain’s foot there are terraces of ethnic minorities.

3. Kon Chu Rang Nature Reserve

Kon Chu Rang Nature Reserve was established in 2004, and resides at all three provinces of Gia Lai, Binh Dinh và Quang Ngai. With the area of 15.446 acres and forest coverage rate of 98.5%, the natural habitat in the reserve is rated to have various species with nearly 1.000 animal, plant species. Not only that, this is also a rare nature reserve where many IUCN Red Listed plants and animals live.
In addition to the biological diversity, Kon Chư Răng Nature Reserve also has many beautiful sceneries with fantastic waterfalls, including 50-meter height K50 fall. Because of those reasons, the majority of Kon Chư Rang Nature Reserve is put into list of strict-protection areas.

4. Long Môn Mountain Pass – TL625

Route TL625, from Thanh An crossroad to Sơn Kỳ crossroad, is about 25 kilometers. You will go through Long Môn Mountain Pass and Minh Long White Fall. With the splendid sight on par with impressive Tây Bắc (Northwest region), from Long Môn Mountain Pass you can have entire view of charming Thanh An valley.

Route TL625, which sticks along with Bo Nung river, is full twists and turns for everyone into discovering. However, as you come near Sơn Kỳ, the route will become more difficult. So besides being good at riding, you will need to prepare a strong motorbike.

5. Truong Son Dông Trail: 630 – 623 – 626 – 622

Truong Son Dong Trail runs through provincial road 630, 623, 626, 622 will surely satisfy backpackers with its continuous slopes. With 134 kilometers in length from Đak Cua, Ngoc Tem (border between Quang Ngai and Kon Tum) to Binh Son station, Truong Son Dong Trail  has many astounishing sights.

This route is not recommended during rain season due to many dangers like landslide. The best time to discover the trail is just after the rain season. It is the time when various flowers alongside with Trường Sơn Trail bloom. The pleasant fresh-air will provide you the best view of this legendary trail.

Suggestion of Itinerary to Tan Lap Floating Village Ecotourism Site

If you want to have a memorable journey which doesn’t cost you a lot of time, you should make a visit to Tan Lap floating village where you can indulge yourself into charming nature. It’s enough for those who love to temporarily stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city life.


Belongs to Tan Lap floating village eco-tourism site, 100km from Saigon, Tan Lap indigo forest is located in Moc Hoa district, Long An province, near Vietnam-Cambodian border. Because of the near distance from it to Sai Gon, tourists can reach this amazing destination by cars or motorbike to enjoy the scenery along the route.

From Saigon, you can travel in 2 ways:

Option 1: If you travel by motorbikes, you might follow National Highway 1A (heading to the western region of the country) to Tan An Bridge. Then, turn left on National Highway 62 and go straight ahead 57km further, you will reach the village on the left. If you travel by cars, you just need to go along Ho Chi Minh – Trung Luong Express (heading to the Eastern region), cross over Vam Co Tay River and, then turn right at the intersection of the Express and National Highway 62 and move upwards to get to the destination.

Option 2: At An Suong Intersection on National Highway 22, you can follow the route: Nguyen Van Bua – DT 824 – National Highway N2 – National Highway 62 – Tan Lap floating village. The plus point of this route is the absence of traffic congestion, so it enables travelers to do sightseeing and take photos at beautiful spots. However, the weak point, needed to be considered, that is the dust, mud and potholes on “at work” DT 824 Street.

Schedule for the journey to Tan Alp floating village

Before beginning your journey, you should prepare some food for lunch, filling up gas, and checking google maps again to ensure that you follow the right route. A suggestion for those who use smart phones (Android and IOS operating system) to save 3G is to download “” software to freely “google” roads offline.

From 7:30 – 10:30 a.m: We will start your journey at Pandora shopping center, in which you can see the bustling life of the big city. On the route from National Highway 2 to National Highway 62, we probably immerse yourself in beautiful golden rice paddies, immense pineapple fields, and traditional local markets that promise to give us a free “childhood returning ticket”.

10:30 a.m:  A warm welcome of Tan Lap floating village awaits us right on National Highway 62. After that, we have to let your motorbikes at parking area and buy tickets at the reception hall. It costs 3$/visit ticket and 1,5$ jolly-boat riding (Xuong) to explore the charming indigo forest.

The name of this eco-tourism site itself might “trick” you. You certainly think that it is a village while it’s actually a “primeval” immense indigo forest with various kinds of tortoise, snakes, storks, etc. It might take you 4 minutes to get to the trail running through the forest from the reception hall. Walking along this amazing trail, you probably indulge yourself into high indigo trees and explore its beauty that you have ever seen on adventure movies.

Hiding in the middle of the forest, the observatory at the height of 30 meters enables you to hold a panoramic view of the vast forest, enjoy the cool pristine air of nature, and listen to melodious songs of leaves and wind.

Sauntering along the trail, you will discover the "birds sanctuary" area, in which birds are nurtured and preserved in natural environment. Traveling a hundred meter further, you see the signal leading to Ban Nguyen lake (Cresent lake).

2 p.m: We will leave the immense indigo forest to get back to the jolly- boat landing. Then, we fulfill our trip to the charming Tan Lap floating village. On the way home, you can drop by Thanh Hoa market offering agricultural products near the intersection of National Highway 62 and National Highway N2. It is a long-tradition market which provides agricultural and forestry products from the Western provinces, so it’s crowded with cars carrying goods and tradesmen.

We plan to visit the ancient Phuoc Loc Tho village on DT824 Street (situated in Duc Hoa district, Long An province) but, in the end, we have to cancel this plan because of the rainy weather during these days. This 30.0000 square meter- village is famous for 22 charming wooden houses, featuring the characteristics of the architecture of the North, Central, and the South. In addition, it preserves and conserves ancient wooden, porcelain collections which promise to create “traditional” space and atmosphere for visitors. You just have to pay 2$ as entrance fee.

Moreover, you definitely buy local specialities along the way home as a souvenir for families and friends such as Banh Trang, pineapples, guavas, watermelons, etc.

Top 8 Places to Take the Best Selfie in Binh Ba Island

Are still wondering where to “wander” to own amazing “virtual” check-in photos in Dinh Ba island? If any, why don’t you note down these following addresses?

In addition to outstanding natural beauties, Binh Ba has driven tourists “crazy” with “picturesque” blooming cotton flowers. The cotton hill near Tortoise (Rua) Island – the island in the shape of a turtle, is filled with pink cotton flower dramatically highlighting for the immense blue sky in Binh Ba.

To take photos of this charming scenery, visitors might walk to the right of the road leading to top of the slope, from Binh Ba Island. Standing here, you can hold a panoramic view of the stunning sunset and the beautiful Rua Island.

The wooden houses with sea view in Nom Beach

Conveniently located on the beach, resthouses in Nom Beach has been famous for unique wooden architecture and “one – of – a- kind” amazing sea views in Binh Ba.

These rest houses own an ideal position, surrounded by two majestic mountains, smooth white sand and foamy wave soaring the feet of the cliff all day long.

Made from natural building materials such as leaf roof, bamboo walls, wood, etc, wooden houses in Nom beach has obtained favorable impression from tourists who did experience the comfort and hospitability it offers.

Ham Heo Abyss

Although Ham Heo Abyss is located on the Binh Ba Island, it has not been familiar to tourists because of having a deep abyss gap near the sea. Previously, wild boars used to live in this area, with the cliffs of up to 20m high, they were fallen down to this deep gap. Therefore, it is called Ham Heo Abyass. The ideal time to enjoy the most exhilarating beauty of this abyss is in the early morning when the sun comes up from the foot of the mountain.

Standing on the highest peak, you certainly hold a panoramic view of the majestic nature in the East of the island. The image of waves crasing the cliffs makes us feel like a tiny part of the vast nature. To get there, you might go to Chuong beach, then, follow the slope heading to Ham Heo Abyss.

Rua Beach

Entering Binh Ba island, walking along the road to the left till the top of the slope, you probably reach Rua (Turtle) Island. As the name would suggest, this island is in the shape of a sea turtle trying to swim onto the sea. Because this amazing island is hidded on a valley, tourists can take “virtual” pictures with it from far distance.

Nom Beach

In the afternoon, you can stroll, swim, or even try adventurous games if you want to challenge yourself and experience thrilling activities at Nom beach. This beautiful sea is surrounded by two mountains that make it calm all year round. However, this prevents tourists from greeting the dawn in the early morning. As a reward for this disadvantage, Nom owns the soft white beach, so it is crowded with tourists and local people at about 4 p.m.

The sea offers numerous of services at reasonable prices, namely motorbike and banana boat ride. There a wide range of seafood restaurants along the beach, too. Therefore, after swimming or strolling, you are able to enjoy local specialties such as lobsters, or even series of snail dishes.

The first funny activity in the evening worth experiencing is to catch “Cong” (a kind of crab). There are many Congs around the beach when human are absent. Therefore, you can bring a flashlight with you to chase them. Then, if you are lucky, you might taste fragrant fried meat of Cong. Moreover, you might ask the owner of the basket boat for catching up shrimps and squids with them. This amazing exploring activity is offered by some travel agencies, so you are easy to experience it, or even you directly persuade the local to be a new member on their boat. 

Nha Cu beach

Compared to the other beaches on Binh Ba Island, Nha Cu owns the most pristine blue water. Unfortunately, you are not allowed to bathe here because of rocks on the beach. However, it is the territory of a huge range of colorful corals.To observe and explore their alluring beauty, you just need to sit on the nearby basket boats of the fishermen instead of diving into the seabed. Interestingly, if you are lucky, you might catch some starfishes of weird shapes.

When renting boats you can also tell the fisherman to take you to lobster ponds where you will be introduced the whole process of raising lobsters. In particular, these ponds enable you to buy fresh seafood at discount prices for family and friends.

It’s absolutely ideal to have dinner on the beach and enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the beach at night. You definitely afford them because there are many restaurants with “reasonable” prices on the island.

Chuong Beach

Featured by a charming beach, however, Chuong beach is not naturally favored a “marvelous” home to coral as that of Nha Cu. The beach highly impresses its tourists by the peaceful and poetic scenery of nature and rustic daily life of the locals instead. The images of boats floating off the shore and berthing at dawn are naturally engraved on our mind. Thus, this beautiful beach is an ideal destination for couples and young tourists who are “craving” for indulging themselves into peaceful nature as well as taking “virtual” check-in pictures.

Sa Huynh Beach

Sa Huynh is a magnificent beach and the paradise of the natural coral reef. It is in the shape of a piece of the moon and naturally favored a soft white sand smoothly embracing the calm blue sea. Furthermore, two sides of the beach are protected by rows of majestic and unique ancient stones.

The disadvantage, which is also considered the advantage of Sa Huynh beach, is that it’s located in the military area of Cam Ranh peninsula. Therefore, you have to get on board or canoe to get there. Once you get there, however, you are probably “madly in love” right away because of the pristine blue sea without having a person.

Myanmar - Fabulous Dream

Writing about Myanmar is about my dream. My dream is the sunny days that I wandered around the most ancient temples of Old Bagan on a horse cart, the dusky sunset on the Ubein wooden bridge, the only road leading into the ancient Inwa village, gorgeous early morning sunrise in the cool weather on Inle Lake ...

Myanmar (also known as Burma) - the country has just opened its doors after long periods of embargoes, containing innumerable beauties not only in sight but also in culture. That's why this land was my choice during the youth journey.

The first destination in our journey was former capital of Old Bagan, 42km², on the banks of the Ayeyarwaddy River in the central part of Myanamar. Old Bagan is home to the most unique temple structures in Southeast Asia, with more than 3,000 ancient temples – an evidence of Myanmar's glorious history.

Bagan consists of three towns: Nyuang U, Old Bagan and New Bagan, and an area spreading out with many temples. With the number of temples, monasteries and many cultural values, Buddhist beliefs, Old Bagan always knows how to conquer tourists.

And in particular, anyone who comes to Old Bagan can not ignore sunrise and sunset at Shwesandaw - the so-called Sunset Temple. To get here, you can either travel by horse cart or rent a motorbike.

Far from the tranquillity of Old Bagan, our next destination is Mandalay, a land filled with the noise of vehicles and busy boats. However, inside the modern and dusty appearance, Mandalay still boldly marks the final prints of Burmese history.

716km north of the city of Yagoon is the center of the culture of Kohbaun Kingdom. Therefore, this place has become the best tourist attraction in Myanmar. Due to limited time, we only had a half day to explore the land, and hence we decided to go to the teak bridge of Ubein - one of the most beautiful sunset spots in the world.

Ubein Bridge is located in the outskirts of Mandalay, the delta of the Taungthamna River. Due to the wide riverbed, to connect the two banks of the river, the Burmese people built a 1.2 km long bridge. This is the longest and oldest wooden bridge in the world, the other side of the bridge is the ancient village Inwa -  more than 400 years old.

In the summers, a bright orange colour covers the whole landscape around the bridge. In order to watch the sunset, we chose to sit on boats on the river. It was really excited when the scene of the legendary bridge reflecting itself into the lake and immersing in the orange colour of the sunset. The small wave created by the oars from the boat carrying tourists made the sunshine  more sparkling, fanciful ...

Leaving the city of Mandalay, we went to Inle Lake, away from the hustle and bustle of sunny days, Inle Lake is where you will feel very peaceful and enjoy cool weather in the early morning.

With an area of nearly 250 km², Inle Lake is the second largest freshwater lake in Myanmar but is the most beautiful lake. The lake connects to Nyangshwe by a large canal. This is the main transportation artery for Inle Lake as well as for irrigation water from the lake to the fields in the area. Surrounded by lakes are mountains and small villages, where there are houses on stilts, monasteries, beautiful temples.

Sitting on the boat watching Inle Lake in the early morning, it was feeling like floating in the clouds of paradise. It’s not like anywhere else! Inle Lake is not incredibly beautiful, does not make you scream when you see it but live with it, gradually you will be fascinated with it and do not want to leave.

Inle is not immense in the eyes but dotted with the green grass and houses on stilt reflecting themselves on the lake. These include the smithy, the handicraft workshops producing paper umbrella, silverwares or weaving fabric from lotus leaflets and some restaurants floating on the lake.
An immensely serene lake, unique one-legged paddles and unique Burmese hats make for a perfect travel product that can only be seen in the Inle Lake of Burma. 

The Land of Buddha in Myanmar

Remarkable in the heart of tourists when referring to Myanmar is Buddhism, the image of the high temple towers, the beauty of the local people’s hospitality. Stretching in all the roads of the country are temples. Among them, the most famous is Shwedagon or Golden Temple and Golden Rock Temple.

This is the Golden Temple in Yangon. The place now houses the Buddha's sacred treasure - eight of his hair. Therefore, Shwedagon Pagoda is worshiped by Myanmar people as the the holiest place in the country. The Shwedagon Pagoda was built 2,500 years ago, from the time the Buddha was still in the world. This place is a complex of many towers, among which the most prominent is the central tower up to 98 m tall. The tower is gilded and inlaid with glittering natural diamonds, gems like ruby, emerald…. The top of the tower is extremely brilliant with the 76-carat diamond.

Walls, columns, ceilings inside the temples and towers of the Shwedagon complex are gilded with glittering light, creating a magnificent setting.

Golden Rock Temple is located on the mountain in the town of Kyaikto, Thaton, about 200 km from Yangon. At an altitude of over 1100 m, Hon Pao temple is also a sacred and mystical place of the people of Myanmar. Legend has it that the place is keeping a hair of the Buddha. Diamond Rock is located right at the top of the mountain with a very small contact, also known as the "sacred stone" where welcome thousands of Buddhist pilgrimage every day. Many believe that the very hair of the Buddha was placed in a 7.3 m high tower on the top of the sacred stone that keeps the sacred stone stable along the time.

The chanting of the Buddhists together with the bells tantalizing in the late night seem to create a holy and mysterious space.

The sacred stone is surrounded by an iron barrier. Only men can cross the iron fence to touch it directly and inlay the thin gold foils on the stone to pray for good luck for the family and relatives. Women can not touch the sacred stone directly but they can worship outside the iron fence.
You can see the people selling the Thanakha. This is a cosmetic of Burmese, used as sunscreen to protect their skin. They will be grinded into powder then mixed with water, applied directly to the skin.

Suggestion of 8 Places for Photography in Phu Yen

Mai Nha Isle

Located at An Hai commune, Tuy An, Phu Yen, Mai Nha Isle is favorably compared with the “Robinson” island. Although the Isle isn’t far from the shore, it is an amazing place to explore the primitive beauty of Phu Yen. The best time for a trip to this exhilarating isle is from March to August when the sea is calm.

Coming to this breathtaking isle, you will feel absolutely astonished by the magnificent wild nature mountains greenly covered with trees. Especially, there are no tourism services, no electricity, no hotels, lack of freshwater on the island. Therefore, you are required to carefully prepare foods, drinks, tents and gadgets when visiting this isle.

The front beach is the soft white sand with pristine blue water, suitable for bathing when going picnic. Meanwhile, the back beach owns a large rock formation and, 10- meter deep caves near the brink which enable you to go fishing. Furthermore, there are many live coral reefs around the island which promise to drive diving lovers crazy right away.

Van Hoa Highland

Compared with Da Lat of Phu Yen, Van Hoa Highland belongs to Son Hoa district and includes 3 communes, namely Son Xuan, Son Long and Son Dinh. Located at the height of 400m, Van Hoa is sunny, windy and foggy. Interestingly, it’s always cooler than Tuy Hoa in autumn, so you will see the fog in the morning which is always seen in Da Lat. In addition, this attractive highland is famous for pineapples, jackfruits and special sauce made from these two fruits.

Nhat Tu Son Island

Nhat Son is favorably named as the most beautiful island of Xuan Dai Bay, Song Cau town, Phu Yen. It was naturally sculptured as a letter in the Chinese language as if the mother nature did use a pen to dot a line on the sea. Perhaps, the name “Nhat Tu Son” was adopted from that.

Spreading over the area of about 6 hectares and 300m from the mainland, Nhat Tu Son is connected to the shore by a sand dike which enables tourists to wade or walk to the island by the sea road at low tide. Moreover, it seems to be a huge natural shield from wind and waves, so the local are always see it as the East Sea guarding God.

The scenery on Nhat Son island is like a green primeval garden. The mountain runs straight from the North to the South with the two rugged and upright cliff edges. The western side of the island is sloping slope with trees growing along the edge. Meanwhile, the Southside is rugged cliffs with numerous apricot blossoms and ancient rough apricot blossoms.

Nua Island

Located at the foot of Ca Pass, Nua Island is on the sea border between Phu Yen and Khanh Hoa with the height of 105 meters from the sea level. If you go here with a group of friends, you might stay overnight to set the fire for camp, seafood barbecue and, or even enjoy the cool quiet sea air.

This Island offers a beautiful beach with pristine blue water where you camp. Following the night – shift watcher, you will be taken to Hon Nua lighthouse and held a majestic view of the island. Especially, the warrior is very friendly and hospitable because there aren’t many visitors to the island.
Lying on the border between two provinces has helped Nua Island to catch the attention of tourists. The north side of the island is the high cliffs standing up from the surface of the sea, then, piling up. These huge rugged cliffs definitely give you mysterious feelings. Moreover, the higher you climb up, the more majestic views of the sea you hold.

Yen Island

Taking a view from Nhon Hoi village, you will definitely see two small islands lying next to each other with approximately 100-meter distance to the shore. The big island, which is in the shape of a giant cone with huge precipitous cliffs, is Yen Island. The other is Sun Island.

Located in An Hoa commune, Tuy An district, Yen Island is about 20 kilometers from the North East of Tuy Hoa city centre. The foot of the mountain has traces of deep waves while the peak touches cloud sculptured by the nature millions of years ago.

Hon Yen is surrounded by a beautiful marine landscape. In addition to Sun Island, this landscape, which can be divided into three parts, centers with mountains reaching the furthest part of Yen island. This might be the reason why it is named “Ganh Yen”. Especially, it will appear an amazing walking road connecting Sun and Yen Island when the tides go out on the first days of the month. Therefore, you definitely walk along the sea and enjoy colorful coral reefs.

Mang Lang Church

Originally built in 1892, Mang Lang Church was located in An Thach Commune, Tuy An District, about 35 kilometers to the North of Tuy Hoa City. It isn’t only popularly known as the oldest church in Phu Yen but also one of the earliest churches in Vietnam.  Noticeably, this famous tourist attraction is where the speech of Bishop Alexandre de Rhodes (father of Dac Lo) was delivered and the first Vietnamese- written book was kept.

Dong Cam Dam

Located in the west of Phu Hoa district, Dong Cam Dam is 688 meters long with more than 2,500 large and small items. Its two main canals, namely North and South, maintain sufficient water supply for irrigation for the paddle rice of 220 square kilometers. In addition to economic values, this dam has strong attractions for tourists thanks to the beautiful view and unique architecture.

O Loan Lagoon

Located at the foot of Quan Cau Pass, Highway 1A, O Loan Lagoon compares favorably with a flying phoenix. This is an attractive destination for those who love to greet the dawn. You can hold a panoramic view of the lagoon by climbing to the peak of Quan Can pass where offers the picture of a large with gentle ripple and gently rolling hills with green cane fields. Moreover, coming here, you can enjoy the special blood cockle which is famous throughout the country.