Deja Vu - The Super Lovely Homestay in Hue

Being one of the newest and most impressive home-stays in Hue, Déjà Vu is really a wonderful stop-over when you visit the former capital. Located at the number 3, Alley 191, Dien Bien Phu Street, Hue city, Déjà Vu is a beautiful home-stay with young, lively and bright colours. 

There are 5 rooms in Déjà Vu with 5 different styles in each room. Maximum capacity of each room is 3 people. In addition, the home-stay has 3 dorm beds which are very suitable for tourists who travel alone.

To explain the name of the home-stay, one of the female owners of the house said: “Many people wondered why we named the house Déjà Vu. Have you ever heard about the phenomenon Déjà Vu? It is in fact a French term, meaning literally "already seen.". Sometimes people feel like they already experienced the scene that is strange with them. In other words, it describes an overwhelming sense of familiarity with something that is not familiar at all – like they already saw it in their dream. We also had dreams like that, and this cosy home is one of our nice dreams. A small house nestled in a narrow deep alley, deep enough for people to feel a “deep Hue” and enjoy themselves in a special space in a journey”. 

For sure, you also have nice small dreams where everything is so gentle and beautiful. Therefore, you probably saw Déjà Vu appearing in your dreams with some familiar details: a wooden sofa, doors, an old bamboo wattle, wooden signs… like in the house in your childhood… - because the owners want everyone find themselves at home when coming here.  

In each room, the home-stay owners cleverly arranged small table for drinking some tea and relaxing, reading book or simply breathing the comfortable environment. Although the home-stay is not so large, you still can feel the harmony of the design of the house and surrounding landscape.
Coming to Déjà Vu, you don’t need to bring books because everything you need – travel guide books, romantic novels, in English or Vietnamese – is here.

Top 3 Spectacular Cliffs in Vietnam for Backpackers

The cliff on Pha Luong peak (Moc Chau)

Pha Luong peak is famous by the immortal poetry of the poet Nguyen Quang Dung in the poem Tay Tien: 'So winding the slope up and slop down / guns seems to smell the sky among the quiet cloud / Thousand meters up, thousand meters down/ Someone’s house is far away in Pha Luong’s rain.

At an altitude of nearly 2,000m, Pha Luong is an attractive destination for young people. Conquering this mountain requires the courage and endurance of those who are truly passionate about discovery.
Stand here you will feel the beauty of nature in the wind of the sky. You will easily observe the constant movement of the clouds, creating many interesting shapes. Especially, on cloudy skies you can see the sea of clouds in the middle of the mountain. The beauty of this place is like the scene in the legendary.

However, the bottom of the mountain terrain is quite dangerous, so if you can not resist the charm of it, you should also remember not to dabble or too risky to take pictures. The most beautiful place is also the most dangerous place, so do not trade safety just because of the photos.

The cliff in Thach That (Ha Tay)

The Thach That cliff, just outside of Hanoi, is also the destination for the fan of virtual life in the North in 2016. Not only save cost and travel time, Thach That’s cliff is just 5m from the ground, so it is safe for tourist to take photos. Especially, under the cliff is the whole scenery of rural countryside, trees, rivers, lakes, mountain ranges far away .... dim in the fog, as if you were standing on the edge of a real danger.

To reach the Thach That Cliff, you will have to climb about 1 hour, the terrain is quite steep and high as the feeling of difficulty breathing, make sure you are healthy as well as equipped with all items: climbing shoes, canes, drinking water ... to not be exhausted before climbing up to the cliff.

The cliff in Quang Yen town (Quang Ninh)

In the past few days, netizens who love traveling are telling each other the image of a rocky flagstone in Quang Ninh. This special stone is confirmed as Da Chong Mountain, Minh Thanh Ward, Quang Yen Town, Quang Ninh Province.

What makes the stone impressive and is of interest to young people because this place can be considered virtual life paradise, giving a lot of beautiful art pictures, "so deep" but equally dangerous.
According to people who have experienced it, this is a forest road, it is difficult to go. Those who can drive can ride a motorcycle. Roads in the forest are so many turns without signs, so be careful not to get lost.

Visitors can go to Minh Thanh ward, Quang Yen town, Quang Ninh province, go to junction 3, km 11 Lam Sinh road, then ask the local people about this place, almost everyone knows.

However, you have to keep in mind that this is a dangerous place if you are not in good health, not fully prepared with specific directions.

Zoodoo - The Friendly Zoo in Australian Style of Lam Dong

Only 40km from Dalat, Zoodoo is not only a friendly Australian-style zoo, but it also develops a model of camping between the pinewoods as well as coffee and food service.

Zoodoo is located in Da Nhim Commune, Lac Duong District, Lam Dong, about 40km from Dalat, on the direction to Nha Trang - Khanh Vinh (TL 723). Although the road is a bit far, you should come here once to have relaxing moments and enjoy natural beauty.

The road to Zoodoo is beautiful and airy. The 30-km road is not an obstacle anymore with the gentle relaxed feeling when away from the noisy city. Zoodoo's main building is surrounded by pines. Due to its location on the hillside, it has a very nice view overlooking the green valley below.

In Zoodoo, there are many kinds of animals that only live in the European countries, for example kangaroos, monkeys, Pony (small horse), Alpaca camels, sheep, ... In particular, visitors can get close to have fun and feed them.

Zoodoo has strict rules for visitors such as no noise, no poking or chasing to keep the animals always friendly and not afraid of people. At the same time every day the zoo only serves a fixed number of visitors, according to fixed tours (with zookeeper attached), s the animal can take some rest and avoid panic because of crowded visitors.

At present, Zoodoo opens at 9h - 10h - 11h - 13h - 14h - 15h - 16h, priority given to those who book tickets in advance. Therefore, to make sure you have a ticket, you should book it at least 1 day in advance. Ticket price is 100,000 VND (4 USD)/ adult, 50,000 VND (2 USD)/ child under 1.2m and free of charge for children under 90cm.

Zoodoo is not only a friendly zoo, but it also develops a camping area between pine trees as well as coffee and food service. So if you want to stay here longer, closer to the friendly animals, you can ask about accommodation services.

Improve Your Travel Experience

Travel has been one of mankind’s great ambitions since the dawn of man. It satisfies a deep seated urge to know and discovery engrained in our DNA. To this day, travel is a top priority for many. If you have ambitions of traveling the globe, I’ll assume you’ve done your homework. You probably know all the basics by now, so let’s just skip all that. What you may not consider are some of the more obscure travel tips on offer. So pay attention to the content below and ensure you take the necessary steps to improve your travel experience. One way to improve your travel experience is to check the local weather in advance, so that you may pack accordingly. No one likes to get caught out in the rain without proper supplies, so do what you can to avoid it. Check local weather reports early, you can probably even check on the plane and just make a quick purchase when you arrive, if necessary. By taking this precaution, you stand to have a safer and more comfortable experience. Not to mention it helps you from overpacking your suitcase.

This can cut down on luggage costs, and actually allow you to take less suitcases with you. Another way to make the most of your trip is to avoid going to local American franchise locations. You’re traveling to experience other cultures, and part of that is trying the local cuisine. Don’t insult your hosts by sticking your regular McDonald’s fix. Try something new and exotic to really elevate your trip. It’s not just about the sights, it’s about the way of life you’ve never experienced before. Part of the fun of traveling to exotic locales it to partake in their culture and food. Dining experiences are important to enjoying the locale you are traveling to. Lastly, dress to impress if you want to be approachable during your stay in another country. They say 93% of communication is nonverbal, so your outward appearance says perhaps more than you want it to, so make sure to dress in a way that tells the story you want told. Don’t be afraid to experiment with a whole new look. Why not do some pre-trip shopping for a new outfit with Nine West to really wow your hosts? It also helps you to best represent the home country you are from, and leaves the local citizens with a good impression from foreign visitors.

Visiting An Lao (Binh Dinh) in Hot Days

The An Lao mountainous district of Binh Dinh Province is an interesting destination to explore and admire.

In the hot summer months when the tourist resorts and beaches are always overcrowded with visitors, the best solution is to visit peaceful places where are not known by many people but no less interesting to enjoy the summer in your own way. An Lao will not disappoint you.

An Lao district, Binh Dinh province is a mountainous district located about 100km from Quy Nhon city center to the northwest. An Lao landscape carries the characteristic features of the mountains. The steep terraced fields, steep paths, steep winding mountain slopes are like the special challenges for the backpackers who are passionate about exploring the new land. If you want to conquer this area, you need to be skillful in riding motorbikes, and need to prepare all the necessary equipment when going to the forest to ensure the safety.

From the center of Hoai Nhon district, you can travel straight toward Xuan Phong (An Hoa commune, An Lao) about 20 km, then turn and ride about another 5 km to reach the road leading to An Toan. Stopping at Milestone 10, visitors will have the opportunity to experience an exciting picnic trip. From the main road, visitors walk down the stream. Boulders stacked on top of each other, over time and affected by the flowing water create fancy shapes. At this point, the layers of stone are joined together as huge stairs and the water flowing down creates gentle small waterfalls.

The big trees inclining along the sides of the stream provide shade for visitors to set up tents, set fire to grill food... After taking a short rest, nothing seems to be better than dipping under the waterfall, swimming in the lake which is deep enough and cool. If you want to conquer the waterfall, visitors can climb the mountain for another 2 km. There is a higher waterfall, a deeper lake, and a broader view.

Visiting An Lao (Binh Dinh) in Hot Days

In Binh Dinh, the road leading to An Toan commune has long been famous, not only for its beautiful scenery but also for its small zigzag dirt roads crossing of forest, especially its slope. Many visitors have to say "oh, why is it so steep?" when experiencing this pass. If you do not want to walk, you should find yourself a strong enough motorcycle to climb the mountain or specialized car to climb. Of course, the driver must be experienced and skillful.

The trails on the top of the hill, the green palm trees on the side of the forest, the flowers of the forest, the echoes of the birds, the murmur and the sound of waterfall ... create a wild and lively picture of the nature and makes people feel so peaceful.

Visiting An Lao (Binh Dinh) in Hot Days

An Lao is not only known for the harmony of scenery with people but also attractive with cuisine with traditional dishes like pancakes, cakes, rice paper or wild fruits in the mountain here such as “Sim” fruit (rose myrtle), chestnut ...

In particular, this place has a special species of fish which is very unique. They only live in the flowing streams, more interestingly, they swim upstream, so the meat is lean, fat and has delicious bitter taste. In addition, there is also “dớn” vegetable (a kind of plant with the same family as ferns), people often call it "mountain squid". A lot of visitors are enthralled by these two favorite dishes.

Visiting An Lao (Binh Dinh) in Hot Days

An Lao people are simple, rustic and especially hospitable. Experiencing many ups and downs of the history, used to be military bases, witnessing many of our nation's great battles during the revolution, An Lao is now changing every day.

Your travel guides: or

2 Beautiful Paths through Cajuput Forests in Mekong Delta

The two routes through the beautiful Cajuput forest introduced below are all new destinations that have been popular with visitors over the past year.

The road through Cajuput forest in Xeo Quyt eco area, Dong Thap

Located about 30km from Cao Lanh city center, in the area of My Long and My Hiep communes, the historical relic combined with Xeo Quyt ecological area will give visitors a feeling of being in the primeval forest with the extremely beautiful scene.

With an area of about 50 hectares, including 20 hectares of Cajuput forests, the rest is mangrove forest systems, vines ... Xeo Quyt has a beautiful natural scenery with a cool blue. Visiting the place, visitors have two means of transportation to move: walking or taking a boat. If you like to wander under the canopy of trees, you can walk along the path in the relic, about 1.5 km long. Otherwise, you can experience the feeling of floating on Mekong river, by sitting on a small boat and slowly crawling under small creeks to explore the entire site.

Besides the historical experience, visitors also participate in folk games such as chicken fighting, bird fighting, visiting the southern market and taste the delicious dishes in Dong Thap. In addition, the boat also takes visitors to visit the famous villages, listen to the rhymes and the traditional music of the local people on the river.

Normally, tourists go through An Huu junction in Cai Be district (Tien Giang province) to Long Hiep bridge, from there take a boat to Xeo Quyt junction, or take the road from National Highway 1 and turn to Highway 30, and finally go straight to Xeo Quyt.

The road through Cajuput forest in Tan Lap floating village, Long An

Tan Lap Floating Village is also known as Tan Lap Cajuput forest, belonging to Moc Hoa district, Long An province. This is a very new address on the tourist map, but it is quite attractive for tourists because they can come here to find the feeling of relaxation, immersed amidst the cajuput forest as well as remove the burden of the life in a busy city.

Arrive in Tan Lap floating village, visitors will discover the trail through the jungle forest which is about 5 km long, watching the beauty of the high green cajuput under the blue sky. Guests also an enjoy boat trips to beautiful landscapes of the marshland, save the beautiful moments of the lotus, lilies fields in blooming season.

There are two ways to access this pristine forest. Firstly, from Ho Chi Minh City you follow the National Highway 1A toward the city of Tan An (Long An) about 40km, then follow Highway 62 to Moc Hoa district about 62km to the floating village. Secondly, you can go from the center of Cu Chi town to the direction of Ben Luc district (Long An) about 70km until seeing the crossroads, turn right for 35km more to get to the place.

Lai Chau Travel Blog – Experience Tet Holiday of Ha Nhi People

After conquering the Milestone 0 in A Pa Chai - extreme western point of the country, finally we decided to go back to Mu Ca - Pac Ma in Muong Te district, Lai Chau to participate in traditional festival of Ha Nhi people.

The Mu Ca Pass - Pac Ma rod is as beautiful as Lo Xo Pass in Truong Son mountain range, because it is not only winding but also green thanks to the forest two sides.

The random luck - our trip dropped on the right time of Ha Nhi people’s traditional New Year holiday - made us stay in the North West region in 3 days.

Tet – New Year Festival between clouds and mountains

Muong Nhe and Muong Te are home to the Ha Nhi. They have a close relationship for centuries but the New Year festival time is not the same. It depends on the situation of the local reality and decided by the arrangement of the community.

Nevertheless, according to tradition, the festival of Ha Nhi people is held in the Dragon day and after harvesting crops. This year, the Ha Nhi in Ka Lang valley (Muong Te) organized the holiday in October, while in Mu Ca commune of Muong Te, they choose to hold it in November and Sin Thau Commune - Muong Nhe arranged in December.

From early morning, when Pac Ma town on the bank of Da River was sleepy, we drove nearly 20km back Mu Ca commune center. This is where wind and clouds created a romantic magical cene, making us not want to drive fast. At that time, the Ha Nhi people already prepared offerings for their ancestor.

Under the guidance of the villagers, we visit Mr. Po Long To- researcher and artist of Ha Nhi ethnic.
Despite how busy the worship rituals of the new year, he still spent time to explain coherently each ancient tradition: The alter of the Ha Nhi is always divided into 3 compartments for ancestor worship, the shaman and the deity who protect them. The offerings include white wine and pork soup. However, it’s very strict in which part to offer each part: pork leg is for ancestors, the thigh is for the shaman ad the deity who blesses the family. Also they do not burn incense when doing the ritual.

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Although the Ha Nhi stay afar or being busy, they always put the business or job a side to come back home together with family in New Year holiday, commemorate their ancestors and visit relatives.

Mrs Vu Ha De living in Muong Nhe, once a year, travel more than hundred kilometers to come home with her mother and brothers. It’s no exception for the people who work in Hanoi or even the Central.
According to the concept of the Ha Nhi, visitors coming to the home in this occasion is a good luck. However, not drinking alcohol is taboo. So wine glasses constantly brought and hence almost guests are drunk when they leave.

Though the Ha Nhi is widely known as generous and friendly people, the rule in the family is very strict, for example, daughters-in-law do not sit together with their husband’s father and brother in the meals. Additionally when guests visiting their home, women are less likely to appear.

Xoe dance festival

There is a small village of 21 households living scattered among the green forest and mountainside in Cu Xa Vilag, 15 km from Mu Ca to the south. The village overlooks the Nam Ma streams which is full of water year around, creating a wild and dreaming landscaped.

If there’s no bridge crossing the spring that people use everyday, Cu Xa would be completely isolated from social life. The life of the villagers, though not affluent, but stable with annual agriculture and the payment paid by the government for forest protection.

Thanks to that, the forest area around Cu Xa in particular and in Mu Ca in general is strictly preserved.

We traveled here because of the good reputation of traditional rituals and custom of ancient Ha Nhi people. The women of the villages are diligence, faithfulness, and very skillful in embroidery brocade fabric and clothes.

We stood on the banks of streams and watched groups of young people passing through the small bridge to visit their friends and relatives on New Year day every now and then. Sometimes the sound of gongs and drums signaling the beginning of the new year seemed to hook up us to stay overnight and attend the traditional Xoe dance performance.

At night, the breeze blowing through carried the cold of the mountains. The sound of gongs and drums resounded, then the beautiful girls in brilliantly colorful ethnic costumes like flowers blooming would dance together throughout the night.

The northwestern land always keeps something new and unique. And in every trip we discovered many interesting things. With the journey back to Muong Nhe and Muong Te of us at this time, having chance to attend Ha Nhi ethnic new year festival in the middle of the green forest is a rare fate in life.

Ba Den Mountain Trekking – Enjoy the Great Sunrise

Clouds and dawn hunting is one of the very interesting things with the young who love travel and photography. So do not miss the glamor of the sunrise in Ba Den Mountain.

Besides the mysterious story about faith and beliefs of the people of Tay Ninh, Ba Den Mountain, also known as the roof of the southern region, with the highest peak of 986 m. Ba Den Mountain Region covers an area of 24 km2, is formed from Heo Mountain (Pig Mountain), Phuong Mountain (Phoenix Mountain) and Ba Den Mountain.

Seen from afar, the mountain looks like a giant conical hat that someone left, facing down the immense green fields. The romantic scenery along the height of the mountains has gradually become the cause that many people choose climbing Ba Den Mountain as a way to experience the beautiful moments with nature and have their stunning pictures.

Climbing to sightseeing, awaiting dawn, or watching the clouds floating between sky and earth is what almost everyone wants to be once experienced.

Many people after coming to Ba Den mountain chose to stay overnight to welcome the new day and see the sun rises. The fanciful beauty when a the new day comes at this mountain is one of the things you can hardly forget .

Ba Den Mountain dawn is the poetic mixing colors with the white clouds, the gorgeously golden sun, blue sky and green grass. All full of fresh colors will make you feel extremely calm and peaceful.

In cloudy days, the dawn makes us feel like we are in the paradise with the beauty of colors mixing together: blue, violet and gentle ultramarine and light orange glowing from the sun.

White dene clouds look like cotton patches covering the foothills region, floating among the immense sky.

To be able to feel and experience the sunrise at Mount Ba Den, you can come Tay Ninh in two ways. If you want to travel by motorcycle, run along Highway 22 on the direction to Tay Ninh, follow the Highway 22B at Go Dau, then continue drive about 5 km you will see Ba Den Mountain.

Or you also run along Highway 22, to the Trang Bang junction, then turn left to go Duong Minh Chau. And if you take the bus, you can catch the Ben Thanh (Ho Chi Minh City) - Go Dau (Tay Ninh), then upon arrival, take another bus from Go Dau to Long Hoa to get to Ba Den Mountain.

After arriving in Ba Den Mountain, you can use many ways to go up the mountain. If you have not experienced a lot of climbing, so take the temple road, for ease of movement and water stations.

If you like adventure, you can choose climbing the power poles. It is chosen by the local farmers and soldiers, so there are many traces to lead the way for you. You can choose to take a break at power poles No 55 to refresh at the stream.

Many adventurous and experienced backpackers often choose three other ways going up the mountain: Ma Thien Lanh road, Phung mountain road and Ho Chi Minh road, or White Stone Road.

The roads are often slippery with lots of jagged rocks, almost no directions, very high slope, so the roads to conquer the summit are longer, especially Phung mountain and Ho Chi Minh road , White Rock road are extremely dangerous.

Without good health, careful preparation, specific go-to guide, you can risk the health and even lives.

Some notes the climbers are required to prepare in advance:
  • Firstly, you need to have good health no matter which road you choose. The more difficult the road is, the more physical strength and stamina you need to prepare.
  • Secondly, if you choose hiking, you at least have to wear the right shoes with high standard for hiking.
  • Ready-made food and snacks, water, tools, medicine is required. You should also prepare extra long sleeves, raincoats, tents or sleeping bags, mosquito repellent if you intend to spend the night on the mountain.
  • For the difficult roads with dangerous cliffs, you should prepare hiking gloves, power steering belt, GPS, and it’s better to have an experienced tour guide. You must carefully prepare the road map in advance, even if you have a guide.
  • Good preparation before starting the journey to Ba Den mountain is extremely necessary. This is the best way to ensure safety for yourself and your companion, to obtain the most memorable moments of the fanciful dawn at this sacred mountain.

Tad Sae Waterfall – The Spectacular Natural Wonder in Laos

Traveling to Laos, you shouldn’t miss Laos waterfalls. Especially, we cannot fail to mention Tad Sae, which is designated as one of the spectacular natural wonders in Laos.

Tad Sae Waterfall - The Spectacular Natural Wonders in Laos

Tad Sae waterfall is considered one of the spectacular natural wonders in Laos, 20km from Luang Prabang. The waterfall becomes more beautiful in the wet season, and especially you can visit all year-round (except for dry season). It owns many water streams creating as the beautiful cascade tumbling over limestone rocks into turquoise blue pools, which make amazing swimming basins. These natural swimming pools are very preferred by both locals and visitors to enjoy. When you are near the waterfall, you will hear the big sound of cascade falling down as a thunderous.

Traveling by boat is the only way to get to Tad Sae, which will be an adventurous trip to close to the nature. Your cruise will take about 10 – minute from Ban Amen village on the Nam Khan River, which is one of best places for Laos adventure tours.

Visit the waterfall during the week is the suitable time to enjoy the peaceful and serene space, especially the period from August to November will make you best experiences when swimming in the cool water. Here you will have great pictures about the cascades of Tad Sae falling down over the multi-leveled rocks, then following the streams into pools below. There are a number of steps leading to largest pool for swimming. Also, it is easy to find public toilets and changing facilities at the waterfall and a restaurant as well as a small resort nearby. A picnic trip near the waterfall is also an interesting activity to enjoy the beautiful sceneries of the waterfall.

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Good Things to Know about Tad Sae Waterfall

  • Opening Hours: Daily from 8.00 am – 5.30 pm
  • How to get to the waterfall: Hiring a tuk – tuk to the banks of Nam Khan River and then traveling by boat to get to the fall.

Laos is always the attractive destination in the Southeast Asia thanks to the many beautiful landscapes of nature such as waterfall, old towns and ancient temples. Therefore if you are planning a trip in Luang Prabang, don’t forget to stopover at the Tad Sae Waterfall, one of the stunning waterfalls in Laos, which gives you the most relaxing moments when mixing your mind in the cool weather and peaceful sceneries.

Top 9 Culinary Paradises in the World

1. Buenos Aires, Argentina

The combination of local processing style with European style has turned Buenos Aires into the best place to enjoy dishes from meat. The cuisine of the city is a blend of many different styles: Italian-style ice cream, French wine, German cheese and sausage. The local people here love dishes from meat and process the dish named asados - the common name of the grill - on the stove called Parrilla - a specially designed kitchen for barbecue.

2. Margaret River, Australia

The remote area in South Australia is an ideal place for culinary devotees. Towns and coastal cities like Fremantle, Bunbury and Busselton is home to many seafood dishes. Margaret River, the region specializing in wine producing is a combination of countryside landscape with beaches and excellent cuisine. The providers in the region process the food in handmade style as well as serve meats, seafood and provide them to the local shops. The taste of the dishes are also a combination of many different regions and quite similar to the Southeast Asian countries.

3. Cape Town, South Africa

Located at the southernmost of South Africa, Cape Town owns a cuisine which is an inheritance from the ancestors and combined with rich materials in the region. There are many specials such as delicious crayfish and kingklip fish, antelope meat - seasonal specialties and often being grilled or dried, various kinds of fruits and so on... The new dishes are inspired by traditional styles as Khoe-San, using leaves and flowers from the fynbos - especially plants found only in southern areas of this place.

4. Hanoi, Vietnam

The excellent cuisine in Hanoi is not controversial. Hanoi is the birthplace of many famous dishes not only in Vietnam but also around the world, such as pho and bun cha. Cuisine in Hanoi is the combination of the processing of beef from the Mongols, the new processing methods such as stir-frying from the Chinese, the new raw materials such as bread, coffee and wine from the French, the spicy aromas and coconut milk from the Cambodian, Laotian and Thai. That combination along with the use of many different vegetables has created the unique flavor of the dish.

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5. Aarhus, Denmark

Aarhus in Jutland is famous for good food. This is also where visitors can explore the history of changes of the entire Danish cuisine. The quick change of food processing tools combined with the most premium materials has created wonderful dishes which cannot be more excellent. The topography here also facilitates the diverse collection of materials.

6. Jordan

This is where a combination of many different culinary styles clearly expressed through the formula, the way to combine the flavours and ingredients in cooking. The Mediterranean salad and grill combined with pepper, za'atar leaves and dry pine nuts are features of the cuisine of Jordan. Mutton is highly appreciated here because of many nutrients property. Desserts are often cakes or quiche.

7. Chennai, India

This Southern Indian city is the capital of the dish made from lentil bean, potatoes and tomatoes. The traditional dish here is tamarind and mashed lentil bean known as samba, served with rice cakes dosas and vada. Even preferring to eat meat, you will certainly be convinced with this dish. The famous Indian dish of curries, derived from Tamil means "spicy", also originates from this region.

8. Piedmont, Italy

Piedmont is the birthplace of the special style of eating - "Enjoy the slow food" - a kind of art to honor the flavor of the dish. Gourmets often choose Piedmont to enjoy the specialties of this region, typically risotto alla piemontese, tajarin (a kind of thin noodles), vitello tonnato (veal served with salmon sauce). It also owns two famous wine regions of the world: Barolo and Barbaresco .

9. Maine, USA

In this area, you will enjoy the taste of grilled fish, clams and scallops served with fries. The towns stretching from Kittery to Calais serve lobster. They usually steam or cook lobster. Come to this state from May to October each year to experience the most amazing cuisine.

3 Ideal Tourist Destinations for 2017 Holiday Season

The end of the year is an ideal time of festivals and traveling. Leaving the noisy crowded urban areas, you will “recharge” your energy in the following destinations.

Nha Trang

Nha Trang is the ideal destination for young people who want to take a cruise and want to relax, and it is especially suitable for couples to take wedding photographs. The period of November and December in the lunar calendar is considered the most beautiful time when Nha Trang is most beautiful. Many interesting sights such as the beautiful beaches, ancient Cham Po Nagar Towers and typical food from the sea areas have long been highlight attraction for domestic and foreign tourists.

3 Ideal Tourist Destinations for 2017 Holiday Season

Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa Province, is the most famous sea tourist city in Vietnam. The beaches along the city and on the islands such as Hon Tre, Hon Tam, Hon Mun, Hon Chong – Vo (Husband- Wife) of Nha Trang Bay are wonderful sights attracting both domestic and foreign visitors. Nha Trang tourism also attracts tourists with the famous ruins of Cham Ponagar tower and interesting places of Dam Market, Long Son Pagoda, Mountain Cathedral and Cau Da (Stone Bridge) Villas (Bao Dai floor) in the city. Nha Trang is also the place where tourism events, most notably, Nha Trang Sea Festival with many fun and entertainment activities are held.

Guests staying in Nha Trang can choose accommodation services in hotels and luxury resorts.

Binh Thuan

With the advantages of the pristine beauty and being unexploited much for tourism, Binh Thuan has emerged as an attractive sea tourist destination in the eyes of travelers nationwide.

Choosing Binh Thuan to visit, guests can make a plan to explore locations being loved by tourists and backpackers recently such as Ta Cu Mountain with cable car service or climbing, Ke Ga Cape, visit Duc Thanh school, Van Thuy Tu villa, discover Cham culture and Thap Ba Poshanu, slide on the sand dunes of Mui Ne ...

3 Ideal Tourist Destinations for 2017 Holiday Season

In the warm space between the sea and the blue sky, the trip becomes more interesting when travelers choose an ideal resort like Ke Ga, TTC Hotel Premium Phan Thiet to stay... The resorts are located close to the beautiful beaches in Ham Thuan Nam, Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan province.

Apart from the familiar beaches in Mui Ne and Phan Thiet, Rang beach (Rang sea) is considered the most beautiful beaches of Binh Thuan; additionally, unspoiled destinations such as Co Thach rock, Ganh Son, Cam Binh - Lagi, Thuan Quy, Hon Rom, Hon Chong... will be great attractions for visitors to watch the sunset and enjoy fresh seafood from the fishing boats.

Da Lat

In recent years, the tour combined with welcoming Christmas and New Year in Dalat are preferred by many young people and visitors. Tourists can enjoy the feeling of adventure together on the cable car and elephant’s back, discover the beautiful man-made landscapes which are newly built in the Valley of Love, get immersed in the quiet atmosphere of the Truc Lam Zen Monastery, or experience a bit of nostalgia at the old railway station of Dalat.

In addition, visitors can go to the village of villas, luxury resorts nestled in Tuyen Lam Lake ecotourism, Xuan Huong Lake, Suoi Vang resort, Green Symphony... Those who like to explore breaking local residents life, adventure travel on a motorcycle to every corner in the city of love or discover Dalat night market are not to be missed pleasures.

3 Ideal Tourist Destinations for 2017 Holiday Season

If you prefer backpacking and discovering the travel routes and pristine and unique location, you should refer to information on the forums and to experienced backpackers who used to explore Lam Dong - Da Lat such as Quy Coc Tu, Tran Dang Dang Khoa...

The stretch of road filled with wild sunflowers, cherry apricot, Dalat pine forest, Cau Dat tea plantation ... growing naturally are suitable for young people who are keen on backpacking and taking pictures.

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Hiring A Destination Management Company Dubai: 4 Things To Consider

Days are gone when corporates were considered to be unexciting and dull places where everyone just keeps on working all the day. Nowadays, companies have realized the importance scheduling events, conferences and exhibition not only to entertain their customers but also to develop a positive brand image. The practice of scheduling events has become an investment and companies are looking for maximum returns with this activity. As long as the event is small, manageable and doesn’t involve outsiders, enterprises may depend on their management skills. However, in the case of a grand event, it’s better to hire a professional destination management company Dubai not only to avoid unexpected headaches but also to save money. When it comes to organizing events and conferences out of town, these third-party vendors will offer exceptional support and enable enterprises to organize the event within their budget.

These companies possess exceptional skills to take high-level decisions of tiny details of event planning till it is happening in real time. Here I am sharing few primary things you should consider while hiring a DMC for an upcoming event.

Sieve Out The Best In Your Town

Before you finalize a service, provider carry out an in-depth market research to find the best service provider. Start locating companies and verify necessary accreditation to estimate their reliability and capabilities. If you are unable to find any reliable DMC, then look into DMC directory, forums and other web portals to see real customer feedback and recommendation to make an informed decision.

Narrow Down The List And Scrutinize Candidates

Once you have shortlisted the names of well established, reputed and insured vendors serving in the area, inspect and validate essential information. Check out how long they have been in the industry as a professional. Also, try to visit their company website to take a good look at the profile of their team members to see the level of expertise and experience they possess. Are you feeling comfortable with the level of expertise they possess? Were they capable of developing a powerful image or not? As impression is like lifeblood for any DMC. Trust your gut and decide after carrying out due diligence process. 

Meet With Contender To Ask For Customer References

Like other services, reliable DMC firms have a list of clients whom with they have worked previously. Vendors, who actually possess happy customers, never show reluctance to share client’s numbers as a reference to prospective clients. Also, check online testimonials present on their websites. Once complete checking references, call your vendor or try to meet-in-person to not only to discuss your needs but to get the real feel for the team members. Are you feeling satisfied and comfortable working with them? If you have carefully chosen it after analyzing recommendation of past clients, you will enjoy all the benefits.

Ask Them For Proposal

After conducting an initial meeting with your destination management company, request them to share a proposal for your project. A work plan including brief detail about your project is the primary requirement. As it gives you a clear picture of total number staff working on your project along with budget and needs of transpiration if required. While making this project, plan be specific and avoid unnecessary things to save money and time.


As soon as you complete the initial process of company verification, proceed to sign the contract to finally hire a Destination Management Company Dubai.

Discover Wat Long Khoun Temple in Laos

Located in a beautiful site near the river on the banks of the Mekong and opposite to Wat Xieng Thong, Wat Long Khun (or Long Khoun) is known as the Monastery of the Happy or Blessed Song. Sometimes it is called as the Monastery of the Willow Stream that you should visit in Laos tours.

The Importance of Wat Long Khoun in the Past

The monastery had existed for a long time and had significant ties to the Luang Prabang royal family.
Served as a retreat center for spiritual revitalization, the monastery was a place for traditional practice. The King, who would be designated as a new head leader of the country spending three – day practice of ceremonial bathing and meditative retreat on the eve before his formal coronation at Wat Xieng Thong.

Wat Long Khoun – A Typical Architecture in Luang Prabang

Wat Long Khoun is a typical example of Luang Prabang architecture in the 18th century featuring with two single level sections. However, under the instruction of the then-reigning King Sisavonvang, the front part was extended in 1937 and sophisticatedly redecorated with gilded columns and exquisite wood sculptures.

Inside the older part, there are Jataka murals, which depict lively the 547 lives of Lord Buddha. These murals contain the local myths and legends as well as express Buddhist morals such as kindness and the importance of giving. However, due to revolutionary vandalism in the 1970s and adverse conditions of weather are the causes of some damages to these murals.

Along with the dissolution of the monarchy, the temple was also neglected and abandoned in the disrepair state. Thus the work of renovating the temple was much needed. The Lao Department of Museums and Archeology and the Ecole Française d’Extrême Orient who were responsible for restoring the complex in the mid – 1990s. Traditional materials and techniques were used in the whole process.

Traditional wooden outhouse as the living quarters for monks and the original meditation room used by Kings in the past, which are nowadays still well – preserved.

The temple is decorated with two large bearded Chinese statues flanking under the portico as the guardians at the main entrance and eight black-and-gold columns topped with lotus petal designs of entire porch.

Besides, when coming inside the temple, you will see many impressive statues, carvings, and decorative deities such as a red ceiling with dharma wheels, peacocks, and mythical creatures intricately stenciled on.

Opening Hours and Admission Fee

Opening Hours: Daily from 8.00 am – 17.00 pm
Admission Fee: The price is $1
How to get to Wat Long Khoun: You can get to the temple by hiring a boat with the price of $2. 


•    You should give a respectful silence when visiting the temple. 
•    Wear formal clothing and make sure take off your footwear, sunglasses before entering.

As one of the typical temples in Luang Prabang, Wat Long Khoun is really a worth place for visiting in your journey of Luang Prabang Travel. Coming to the temple, you will have a great opportunity to have deep understanding about long lasting history and culture of Laos, the Kingdom of million elephants. 

Indeed, it is just one of the best things to do in Luang Prabang, the ancient town that you should try to make your journey more exciting. 

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