Night food streets in Yangon

Many make question about the nightlife and food streets in Yangon, Myanmar. Not many travelers write about it after their trips to this country because they were impressed too strongly by numerous temples in most of their Myanmar tours.

Actually, the former capital city of Yangon also unfolds a lovely contrast between day life and nightlife like other cities. There is an old Yangon is rapid rhythm in day-time to “keep pace with” the world after a long sanction period and also a vivid and mystic Yangon by night with various food streets.

Not a long time ago, 11 pm is the curfew in Myanmar, including Yangon city. Restaurants closed, residents were at home, leaving empty roads. Now, things are different with more and more travelers choose Yangon for their Asia trips. A must-visit place for those who love night food streets in Yangon is the “street 19”. The super short named street is a rare heaven of food and drinks that people enjoy their meals and have fun until 3 am. Street 19 crosses the famous Mahabandoola area, full of jewelry in day time. This is also near Chinese area and where you can find real local food.

The 19th street in China Town of Yangon

This street reminds travelers with the Khao San Road in Bangkok, or the Dong Xuan night market in Hanoi. There are other food streets in Yangon that are near this Street 19, creating a night food area of the city. If in day time, you find a lot of markets on pavement, by night, you find a lot of grilled food with attractive smells.

Small glass-made kiosks are full of grilled vegetables, pork, beef, squids, etc. Unless you try street food, your Yangon discovery is not complete.

The most popular drink is Thai Yee, a Burmese traditional wine. Although there are different kinds of drinks on offer, people tend to choose beer and Thai Yee. There are two kinds of beer that people often call it simply Black beer and Yellow beer. The Yellow one is easier to drink than the black one, which has strange taste, according to those who have tried.

No matter how you travel to Myanmar, by yourself or via a travel company, on a budget tour or luxury Myanmar trips, don’t miss night food streets in Yangon. They are not only the world of delicious food, but also where you witness interesting things and learn more about local eating habits. Entertaining and unforgettable!

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