6 high-range hotels in Jakarta, Indonesia that you should book when traveling this beautiful country

Indonesia attracts tourists not only its beautiful beaches and island but also the high-class hotels in Indonesia. Especially in the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta. If you travel to Jakarta for traveling and do not know which hotel you should book, I will recommend some good hotels for you to consider. I believe you have a wonderful memory with your family and friends.

1. Mulia Hotel

Mulia is a modern and comfortable hotel in Jakarta, Indonesia, There are many professional services that are convenient for you to travel or enjoy the food here. When you come to the hotel, you will have a free time to relax in the massage rooms, spa, or sauna. Besides, you can take a steam bath, play tennis and do exercises in the gym. The outdoor pool at the Mulia Hotel is very large for both children and adults. So, if you take your children to go together, you will feel it is very safe. The rooms of the hotel are spacious and airy because of the luxurious and modern design. It is suitable for you to take a rest after traveling a lot. However, its price is slightly higher than other hotels.

2. Shangri-la Hotel

Shangri-la is one of the best quality hotels in Jakarta, Indonesia. With its central location and a variety of modern services, it makes you feel relaxing when traveling to Indonesia. The hotel has a clear and beautiful outdoor swimming pool and there is a myriad of green trees surrounding it. In spite of staying in the center, you still feel close to nature when coming here. If you love the bustle of this country, there is a nightclub at the hotel for you to enjoy the music and the drinks that are made by the well-known bartender. Besides, All rooms are equipped with flat-screen TV, sofa, desk, dressing table. They are arranged tidily and cleaned every day so you will not be disappointed. However, there is one minus point that some services are quite slow so you may have to wait for them.

3. Fraser Place Setiabudi Jakarta

This is the 5-star luxury hotel in Jakarta, Indonesia. It is appreciated by a lot of travelers and conveniently located in the center of Jakarta. From this hotel, you can easily eat in restaurants, famous cafes nearby or go shopping. Especially, the food in the hotel restaurant is very good. So, if you do not want to eat out, you can eat at the hotel. There is also a fitness room, a yoga room for you to practice. After that, you can go swimming in the outdoor pool to relax. It is extremely a good experience. Conversely, Fraser Place Setiabudi Jakarta does not offer spa services, so you can find them in the nearby beauty parlors.

4. Borobudur Jakarta Hotel

Borobudur Jakarta is the next 5-star hotel in Indonesia that I want to recommend for you. It has good price accommodation, spacious rooms, and a beautiful view of the city for you to relax while traveling in Jakarta. The hotel is only 1.5 kilometers to go to the national museum and only 5 meters to go to the Ancol Dreamland amusement park. Moreover, the restaurants around the hotel are countless. So, it is easy for you to go for eating. If you take your children with you at this luxurious hotel in central Jakarta, they will enjoy the hotel's babysitting service.

5. Gran Melia Jakarta

Located in the heart of the bustling capital of Indonesia, Gran Melia is famous for plenty of comfortable resort services. The rooms are cleaned in daily, so I think you will feel satisfied with it. This is worth for you to consider. Besides, Massage, sauna, and steam room are available for you and the staffs are very professional. The hotel was appreciated by many travelers because of good services and reasonable price. However, the small disadvantage of this hotel is quite far from the airport.

6. Gran Mahakam Hotel

Last but not least, the quality hotel in Jakarta, Indonesia that I would like to recommend for you is Gran Mahakam Hotel. The hotel is only 8 kilometers from the national museum and the Ragunan Zoo, and about 30 kilometers from the airport. Although the hotel's distance may be far from the airport, it is quite convenient for you to visit Jakarta's famous tourist attractions. The hotel offers massage services and a sauna for your relaxation as well as beauty treatments.

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Tips to Travel Well and Dress Light

Traveling is perhaps one of the best hobbies that a person can have. It provides essential rejuvenation, gives us exposure, and the essential escapism and entertainment that we crave for. People who travel often should take the benefit of certain travel hacks to make their globetrotting experiences full of fun. The first and foremost thing that we do after we plan an itinerary is packing. If you have an adventurous streak then you need to pack accordingly. You cannot take hordes of stuff along that is not even needed throughout the trip. If you have a subscription to one of the Spectrum TV Packages, you must have witnessed those movies that revolve around the travel freaks. You must be awed at their ability to dress all trendy while having just one backpack along. You need to learn all the hacks to pack smartly.
Tips to Travel Well and Dress Light

The hassle of catching your flight in time, your sleep patterns being disturbed, jet lag, and having to haul your excess luggage around, traveling becomes one hell of a challenge. And if you want to flaunt your trendy dressing on your social media accounts while you are on the go, it becomes even hard, with having to pack a lot of stuff. But little do they know that it doesn’t require too much packing and extra efforts to look trendy on the go. Let’s enlighten you with some amazing and clever packing hacks. And yes! You can travel light and dress well at the same time.

Pack Clothes in Coordinating Hues

Try to pick casual and easy-to-wear clothes for your traveling experiences. When you pack, try to pick matching colors so that you are able to mix and match every piece and create multiple looks for different days. Your destination also tells a lot about which colors you should pick. If your destination is urban, such as Paris, go for classy monochromes, charcoal, navy, and so on. If you are heading to beaches or somewhere with a lot of outdoor excursions, try white, bright hues, khaki, and so on. As far as the clothing articles are concerned, keep it casual. A pair of jeans and pants with a few T-shirts is always a good option. To add class and style, keep a few blazers too.

Only Pack the Must-Haves

Make it a habit. Remove the ‘just in case’ items from your luggage and only focus on the must-haves. If you love to dress up, you will have to sacrifice and only pack a few of your favorite clothing items. Remember, you cannot cater clothing for all possible situations and can only take along the essentials that you wear on an average day.

Pack for A Week

This tip is going to help you a lot. If you are traveling for a couple of weeks, a month or even a year, you need to break the packing list into a manageable chunk and that is…One week! Packing for every possible situation is practically impossible. Pack according to your average week and you can easily manage it. Staying for more than a week doesn’t mean packing your entire wardrobe. If you are staying more than a week, you need to do laundry and repeat the clothes.

Exercise Gear in Flights

Sportswear has become a part of trendy clothing lines these days. On long flights, you can slip into one of your trendy yet absolutely comfortable exercise clothes. Also, they are easy to fold and pack. Compression leggings are a good idea and can be conveniently paired with a cotton top and a blazer. Hoodies and track jackets are a good choice for men.

Accessorize Appropriately

Right accessories essentially change the entire look of an outfit and they don’t need to be too many. Pack a few of your favorite items in accessories that go with your outfits to add a spark to your outfit. Also, keep your essential makeup items in a nice sleep pouch. We repeat, ‘essential’ makeup items, please!

For men, we suggest keeping a couple of belts and pairs of socks to go with the clothing.

Minimize the Number of Shoes

We will again emphasize on casual when it comes to the footwear. Consider taking loafers, sneakers, sandals, and low boots and perhaps just one pair of heels for the dinners and evenings. For women, we suggest keeping only three pairs of shoes. Trust us your trip would be just right in three pairs. There are lightweight sneakers are in the market that fold. Both men and women should consider them. Men should keep only two pairs of shoes along.

Moreover, your traveling doesn’t stay restricted to just moving around from one place to another for the sake of moving – there’s more you can do with traveling! Utilize the time you travel in teaching and learning things from the same place. If you get certified in TEFL course online than it would be better for you to do so. This not only gives you the opportunity to earn but also to expand your knowledge and wisdom.

It is said that, “Move”, no matter where and when, just move: to discover yourself and the world. Travelling brings you to a world full of opportunities, and with the traveling tips mentioned above along with the desire to open up new windows to life, pack up your bag and experience the new life. There’s more in the world out there then you can imagine, and all that it requires is your movement. Happy light traveling!

The quoted price rates are fixed by our company

The first quoted price is always fixed and the rates cannot be changed. We do not take extra charge to wait for you if the flight is delayed. The returning customers and the clients who visit for the corporate or business trips are provided with special discounts. The transfer rate includes the services like luggage delivery, passenger insurance, and delayed flights. We have a commitment to a broad range of taxi services. All the taxi drivers can understand the English language. They can give you tips, advice or any other additional information which you require. You can book your transfer for Sofia to Borovets at any time of the day or just before two hours your plane touches the ground.

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4 mistakes you should never make if want to survive in the wilderness

Surviving in the wilderness among wild animals and potentially poisonous plants take more than cojones. The daily work pressure, boring commutes and hour-long traffic often makes us want to run into the wild with nothing but a great book or our iPods. Sadly, surviving in the wilderness is not so easy. There have been several cases where outback riders have lost their way in the nearby woods, and they have wandered further into the wild until rangers flew in and rescued them. Even the best survivalists often find themselves out of depth in certain forests at times.
Without going further into the truly discouraging details, let us give you a brief overview of what NOT to do when you lose your way during one of your trail rides or outback horse riding adventures.
Leaving your navigation tools behind
The first biggest mistake is leaving your knapsack containing your navigation tools in the lodge or the shed. You might not have a GPS, but you at least need a compass to tell which way you are going. If you are not going to think about you, at least think about the poor horse for whom it is not like Racing at Kentucky Derby.
Not collecting enough knowledge about the forest
Nothing is as deadly as the lack of proper knowledge about the wilderness.
  • You might have to hang on for more than 24 hours in the wilderness, so learn about the predators that lurk. This will help you as well as your horse.
  • Learn what you can eat inside the forest. Also, learn about potential horse feed in the wilderness. You do not want to deal with a sick horse, while you are stuck there.
  • You need to learn how to build and maintain a safe fire inside the forest for both of your safety.
  • Find out signs that can lead you to fresh flowing water. Do not drink from a water body or offer your horse water from there unless other wild animals are drinking from it.

Not considering all the risks
There are several times when people have passed out from the strain or have required a trip to the ER or even worse, due to simple miscalculations. If you find yourself lost, without any sign of help, first sit down and go through the contingencies. You need to plan every step to ensure that your emergency food supply, water reserve, horse feed and first aid can last you till the rescue team finds you. In the meantime, you need to find a way to signal your location inside the forest.
Not keeping signaling devices on you for the ride
You will not have flares inside your backpack, so learn how to signal for help in case you are lost under a dense canopy. Signaling devices should always be a part of your emergency kit. They can include high beam flashlights, whistles, and signal mirrors. If you love camping and riding out to the woods, you must invest in good emergency beacon devices that can help you signal for help.  
The key to survival is to remember carrying a fire starter, signaling device and at least a knife when you go for a “short ride” into the woods.

Indian Railways Guide for Foreigners

Train travel in India can be very confusing and daunting for people who are inexperienced and uninitiated. The process of seat reservation is also not very straightforward with so many classes and abbreviations at hand. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions to make train travel much easier for you.
What is meant by Advance Reservation Period?
This is the time frame allotted to book tickets in advance. Since 2015, the time frame has been increased to 120 days from 60 days. But, certain trains (like Superfast Taj Express) do not have such a long advance reservation period.
In case of foreigners, the period is 365 days. But, it would only apply to Executive, 2AC, and 1AC classes with respect to Tejas, Gatimaan, Shatabdi, Rajdhani, and mail express trains. This facility would not be available in case of Sleeper or 3AC classes. An international mobile number will be necessary to verify your account.
How to make an online reservation?
Long distance trains require reservations for all classes, except the second class. You can get the booking done through various online websites and portals as they tend to be more user-friendly. After making your reservation, you can check your PNR status, railway running status, etc. online.
Make note that you can only purchase six tickets with the help of a single ID.
Since 2016, foreign travelers are allowed to pay and reserve tickets online through railway websites with the help of their international cards. But, a verified account is mandatory for making payments. Your international phone number and registered email address will be necessary for verifying the account. Many websites accept international credit and debit cards as well. But, it may not be applicable for all trains.
How can a foreigner buy tickets at the railway station?
The major stations are equipped with special ticketing offices, named Passenger Reservation Centres/International Tourist Bureaus, for foreigners. Visit these offices in the specific stations and present your passport to book your ticket.
What is meant by RAC?
RAC stands for “Reservation against Cancellation”. This category will let you board the train along with a guarantee to sit somewhere, but may not provide the facility to sleep. Berths might be given to RAC holders if another passenger does not show up or cancels the ticket.
What is meant by WL?
WL stands for “Waiting List”. This category lets you book a ticket. Though, you would not be allowed to board the train if there haven’t been enough cancellations to allow you the RAC status.
How to make reservations using the Foreign Tourist Quota?
There is a special quota only for the foreign tourists to make sure they are able to get reservations in popular trains. Earlier, tickets under the Foreign Tourist Quota could be booked only by a person from the International Tourist Bureaus in India.
But, according to a new policy introduced in 2017, foreigners would be allowed to make reservations under the quota with the help of a verified international mobile number registered with their accounts. 

Satara, located in Maharashtra, gets the name from seven forts which are in close proximity to the city. There are many tourist places around the city that have historical and cultural significance. A host of temples, forts, lakes, dams, museums as well as wildlife sanctuaries make Satara a wonderful place to visit. Satara district has world famous hotbeds of Ecotourism - one is, Mahabaleshwar and the other is Panchgani. Satara has a moderate climate and a fair share of rainfall throughout the year, making it even more favorable for tourists.

Sajjangarh Fort

Sajjangad, located in the Satara district, occupies a place of historical importance. It is an ancient hill fort and a pilgrimage place. The fort was earlier known as ‘Aashwalayangad’ and was built by the Bahamani Emperors between 1347 and 1527 AD. Later, it came under the rule of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. It was renamed to Sajjangad after Shivaji Maharaj requested Sri Ramdas, the spiritual Guru of Shivaji, to set up his permanent abode here.
Within the fort, there are two lakes, temples of Lord Rama and Hanumana, a Math and the tomb of Swami Samarth Ramdas. Sajjangad also serves as a vantage point of breathtaking views of nearby villages and the town of Satara. Tourists can also sight the Urmodi Dam and its catchment area. The fort is situated on a hilltop and there are about 300 steps to reach the top, but the extra effort is definitely worth it.

KasPathar/Kaas Plateau

KasPathar (also known as Kaas Plateau) is a volcanic lateritic plateau which now features as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Renowned as the Plateau of Flowers, KasPathar is a popular picnic spot among nature lovers and is a sight to behold in the monsoon. Interestingly, the plateau was formed by volcanic activities which are the reason for its unique flora and fauna.  There is a beautiful lake called Kaas situated towards the south of the Plateau, which is a must visit. To visit Satara, you can book cheap flights to Mumbai and then take a taxi or a bus. If you want to stay a day before departing to Satara, you can find cheap hotels in Mumbai online.

Thoseghar Falls

One of the most popular waterfalls in Maharashtra, Thoseghar Falls is located in the Satara district. It drops through a series of cascades from an elevation of about 500 m into a deep gorge. This waterfall can only be seen in monsoon and is famous for its quiet and beauteous natural surroundings. There is a picnic spot nearby and also a newly constructed platform which gives a mesmerizing view of the waterfall.

Chalkewadi Windmill Farm

One of the largest windmill farms in Asia, Chalkewadi Windmill Farm was developed to generate clean energy. There are about 100 windmills and these are spread out across 5 km. These windmills supply electricity to neighboring towns like Mahabaleshwar and Panchgani. Chalkewadi is now popular among tourists because the windmills and the lush hills make for a lovely landscape together. Even the Thoseghar waterfall can be seen from Chalkewadi.

Satara is, certainly, a hidden gem of the state of Maharashtra. Make sure to put it on your travel bucket list!

Tips to Consider for Choosing the Best Caravan Manufacturers

When compared to other kinds of vehicles, caravans are really expensive. If you buy a caravan, it will be a lifetime investment worth considering. In the caravan, you will enjoy the same experience you get in the home. Buying caravan is just like getting your second home. You can stay in it, travel to faraway places, undertake adventurous journeys. Travel to some countryside village in the caravan and experience the best. Book a caravan or buy a caravan and undertake nature tour to explore the nature. There is no time restriction for how long you may stay at the spot. There is no pressure of returning to the hotel and you may even stop by any of the places. If you are inclined to take big step of purchasing a caravan, you have to find suitable caravan manufacturers and choose the best one. Choose a manufacturer who gives you the option of customizing the caravan. It may be customized exactly as per your needs. Discuss out the features you need in the caravan with the manufacturer. Some of the best features you may include are additional beds, solar panels and electronic gadgets as per your need.

Get in touch with reputed caravan manufacturers to book a caravan. A reputed caravan manufacturer can cater to your needs in the best manner. Your needs will be catered but it is still important to visit the warehouse of the manufacturer. In the warehouse, you will find a range of caravans. The choice of the manufacturer solely depends on the kind of caravan you want. If the manufacturer offers you the caravan you are looking for and within the budget, he will be the best option.

What size of the caravan is on offer?

After you have the names of manufacturers, you need to discuss out the caravans they can offer you. Talk about the features in the caravan and find if the manufacturer is able to provide you. You must get the exact size of caravan you are looking for.

The Popularity of the Manufacturer

What matters here is the reputation of the manufacturer. Choose only that company which can supply you best quality products. The company must use the latest technology to make the caravan. The more sophisticated caravan, the better it is. You must get chance to enjoy the modern facilities. It will be great to get in touch with past customers who have used the services of the manufacturer. They can tell you the quality of caravans and the customer's service they received from the manufacturer. Read the clients’ testimonials and reviews.

Get the Names of Local Manufacturers

If you are an interested buyer, you may get the names of local manufacturers. Discuss out the resale value of the caravan. Compare the comfort features, the pricing, and other factors. Some of the manufacturers also allow one to sell the old caravan. You may exchange your old caravan for the new one.

Save Money by Purchasing at a Lower Rate

Collect the price quotes from multiple caravan manufacturers and then attain the best deal. You should also look online for the discount offers. Manufacturers offering heavy discount on caravan can be accessed online. Along with this, consider the financing options you get from the manufacturer. Before choosing any caravan, check the features and do not simply rely on cheap pricing. There must be proper brakes, seat belts, modern accessories, etc.

By allotting some time to find the best manufacturer, you can get the best caravan for the trip. If using the caravan as an alternative to your home, you have to be more cautious. The product should be most suitable and comfortable. 

6 Beneficial Things to Remind Before Travelling to Myanmar

Setting foot in somewhere wonderful but collects a large number of strangeness and distinction is definitely not as easy as pie for everyone. That is also the case with taking a trip to the mysterious land namely Myanmar. Undoubtedly, many obstacles are waiting for you such as the language obstruction, infrastructures, or kinds of transportation, which can make you hard to get acquainted quickly when going on your tours in Myanmar. Today, Myanmar Private Holidays would like to suggest 6 benefical things to remind before your trip to this beautiful land.

1. Learn Few Burmese Words 
The best way to get familiar with the people of a country including Myanmar is to share with them a common language. Sometimes, a smile is friendly enough for a nice impression among everyone in the crowds. Being capable of learning a few basic phrases, however, you will not only save your time to go around corners of Burmese towns but also get a warmer response from the locals. In this golden nation, although the bulk of local people are aware of English a little bit, communicating with several Burmese phrases or sentences to locals is always received more fantastically.

2. Wear Plain Clothes
It is essential for both man and women to raise awareness of wearing plain clothing items. To illustrate, from the entrance gate of a Buddhist temple or pagoda, there is no exceptions for anyone but following all strict rules like no shoes, no socks, no straps and no shorts as well.  
Even when it is extremely hot outside, do not insist on dressing up short skirts and crop tops or tube tops, the stares which you will receive from the locals are not worth the high temperature. Perhaps, coming to Myanmar, adhering to its conservative culture is really a must.

3. Bring Tissues
The idea of carrying tissues will help you a lot in this entirely different country. For instance, numerous toilets here which are built base on squat style and sometimes do not provide toilet paper. You might not believe but it's a truly fun fact. In this circumstance, you may feel on top of the world when having a few tissues available. To be more flexible, you can purchase tissues in any local stores which are near the road that you go through.

4. Be careful with Taxis
After contemplating some fantastic Burmese cities by one of the finest Luxury Myanmar River Cruises, you can quickly pick up a taxi to continue your interesting journey. Nevertheless, taxis in Myanmar have not been yet common and regulated. That is why getting a taxi from the airport to downtown can be a hassle, especially if the driver is overcharging you to earn more money for themselves. However, please do not be quickly anxious! The standard fare applied in most places of Yangon is fluctuated between 2,000 and 5,000 MMK (US$1.50-3.70) and between 8,000 and 10,000 MMK (US$6-7.40) to the airport or Aung Mingalar Bus Station.

5. Be Flexible
Developing the flexibility during your trip is a necessity that you should take note. Of course, everything will not always carry on as what you planned because food, vehicles, bathrooms, and other amenities are all unfamiliar to you. In particular, instead of being frustrated with a tight schedule caused by a bus coming late, maintaining an open mind will allow you to have more chances to enrich more experiences.

6. Smile

Let's hold a belief that the smile is your countless treasure. In fact, smiling at strangers whenever you can like the moment grabbing a taxi or ordering food certainly brings much more pleasure, at least for you. Unsurprisingly, as a result of being extremely friendly, Myanmar people are willing to respond positively to your smiles. Even they may trust in you more if you smile, especially when you are in rural areas.

To gain more memorable moments and experience great services in Myanmar, let’s choose standard cruises like Strand cruise, you will be never disappointed.

Falling in Love with the Coastal Paradise NhaTrang, Vietnam

If you are looking for a glamor destination to help your family members closer, Nha Trang of Vietnam is really a worth-visiting place. Located on the south-central coast of Vietnam, Nha Trang is widely known as a paradise of city and sea, where there are many interesting things attracting a large number of visitors from all over the world.
Here are the reasons why Nha Trang is a reasonable choice:

1. Extremely Beautiful Beach

Well known for pristine beaches and excellent scuba diving, Nha Trang is happened to be one of the most worth-spending-time destinations for Vietnam beach holidays.

Are you curious about which beauty being possessed by NhaTrang beach?

Indeed, the endless white sand spreads along the beach and sparkles in the sunshine day after day. The unique blue color of the sky mixed with the distinct blue color of the sea, which makes a strong impression on masterpieces over the course of creating the wonderful scenery of the heaven from your first sight.

Moreover, the lines of coconut trees and palm trees seem to invite everyone to visit this amazing city. This ideal place also draws everyone’s attention to the diversity of water-based activities like bathing, swimming, sailing, and fishing.

2. Fascinating Cuisine

Well known for clean beaches and charming eco-tourism sites and islands, NhaTrang is also famous for its delicious cuisines with reasonable prices.

Undoubtedly, visitors who come to Nha Trang on the Vietnam food tours are certain to be delighted with high-quality cuisine here. Due to its ideal location, this coastal city offers an excellent selection of famous local food products cooked from standard seafood such as seafoodpan-fried squid with pork stuffing in tomato sauce, grilled red snapper, and shrimp in tamarind sauce. Once the prices are confirmed, you can have it steamed, barbecued, fried, or carefully prepared in an impressive hotpot.

A number of large fishing fleet and intensive aquaculture supply markets, hotels, resorts, and restaurants fresh seafood every day. You can try the local food on the street or in upmarket locations. Besides, international cuisines are also available here.

Barbecue seafoods in Nha Trang

3. Lively Nightlife

If you are looking to indulge yourself in the local traditional values, a large number of NhaTrang's cultural spaces where colorful puppet shows, light shows, and classic tunes are held every night. In addition, backpacker community is also attracted by neighborhood bars, vibrant beach clubs, and lounges draw in the city. With food and drinks, as well as varying music genres, NhaTrang's nightlife spots are great for the locals and tourists until the early hours of the morning.

Apart from Nha Trang, booking Vietnam family holidays and experiencing the culture, flavors, and highlights of the most other popular cities in Vietnam that your family will remember forever also is an exciting option for you to take them into consideration.

15 Wonderful Things to Discover in Laos

Laos has never been a highly-appreciated destination for many travelers in Southeast Asia, but when it comes the time to visit, this beautiful and peaceful country will bring you surprises, and you will never have to regret. Let's explore 15 wonderful things that will make you fall in love with the country and people here!

1. Cruising on Mekong River in sunsets
As the only land-locked country in Southeast Asia, it is easy to understand when the river is considered the soul of Laos. If you have the opportunity to enjoy one of Mekong River Cruises, especially in the afternoon, you will admire a magnificent view of rustic villages reflecting in Mekong River and observe daily activities of local people in dusk.
Cruising on Mekong Princess in Sunsets
2. Phongsaly’s wild beauty
Phongsaly is located in the northernmost part of Laos. As it is not affected by the commercial activities, tourists can enjoy exploring the pristine beauty of people as well as stunning mountains and forests here.

3. The Plain of Jar full of mysteries
The Plain of Jar in Xieng Khoang of Laos is a mysterious and very attractive place to Lao tourists. No one can explain why these strange jars are placed here. However, one assumption is that this is a way to bury the dead of the ancients (from the Stone Age).

4. Admiring the waterfalls in Bolaven Plateau
Bolaven, known as "coffee paradise”, is a plateau in southern Laos. There are many beautiful waterfalls hidden deep in the jungle. The waterfalls here are majestic, wide and multi-layered with a strong flood of alluvium.

5. Luang Prabang - city bearing many ancient marks
Although there are not many temples and monasteries such as Cambodia, but the temples in Laos are unique and very creative. In the country where most people are Buddhist, you will easily see impressive temples on the road during your exploration. The best place to visit the temple system in Laos is Luang Prabang - ancient and beautiful heritage city.

6. Enjoy the unique cuisine of Laos
Highlights of the dishes of Laos are fresh, simple processing but the taste is very rich and different. You can sample some of the most popular dishes such as: Papaya Salad, Laap, Lao noddle... Under the influence of France during the past war, dishes in Laos are often served with bread. In addition, Lao beers are also worth a try.

7. Explore the caves in Vang Vieng
It can be said that Vang Vieng is the "paradise of discovery" which attracts millions of backpackers from all over the world. With scenery which is considered one of the most beautiful places in Laos, Vang Vieng town along the Nam Song River is where young people gather in the conquest of rapids or spectacular caves.

8. The ideal place for trekking
Laos is covered by thick forests, so it will be an ideal place for those who love to walk through the jungle to challenge themselves. This is also an opportunity for tourists to explore remote villages with unique customs.

9. Shopping in Savannakhet
Places like Savannakhet are famous for their old French-style boutiques that will be an interesting stop for shoppers.

10. The beauty of Pha That Luang
Pha That Luang is a huge gilded stupa in the beautiful Vientiane capital, an important relic and a great pride for the people of the "Elephant Kingdom".
Built on an old Khmer temple in the 16th century, this great temple, despite the many ups and downs of its history, has always kept its diverse architectural beauty as well as always shines to attract travelers from all over the world.

11. Beautiful view of Si Phan Don
Si Phan Don – known as 4000 Islands, is famous for tranquil landscape and thrilling, exciting water games for the youth. It is a large archipelago located in the southernmost cape of Laos, where gentle Mekong flows through the Khone Falls before joining the great river in Cambodia. With 4,000 islands, Si Phan Don offers visitors beautiful watercolor painting.

12. The beauty of sacred temple Wat Phou
Wat Phou is the oldest temple in Laos, which was recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 2001. This ancient temple dates back to the 5th century, once the center of Hinduism, worshiping Shiva.
Wat Phou is also called "Mountain Pagoda" because it is located at the foot of Mount Phou Kao (Mount Elephant), Champasak Province, about 670 km south of Vientiane.

13. Massage Laos
Traditional massage in Laos with a sauna is the best therapy to soothe your body after a long journey of jungle or trekking. Herbal mixtures (or teas) in the sauna are the secret of the success of this therapy.

14. The ancient look of Wat Xieng Thong
Luang Prabang is the most beautiful and important pagoda in Laos, with curved roofs falling close to the ground. Wat Xieng Thong is the main temple, surrounded by small shrines with the same architecture, forming a beautiful landscape.

15. Traditional handmade textile products
Tourists to Laos are very interested in seeing the embroidered, hand-woven products of artisans. Each group has its own unique characteristics, reflected in each of their craft products which are turned into unique souvenirs.

Overall, there are many other wonderful things to enjoy in Laos that you should consider for your Indochina Tour Packages.

3 Reasons Why The Lake District Makes The Perfect Holiday Destination

These days, people are increasingly opting for a staycation within the UK rather than a trip abroad. And, with so many fabulous places right on our doorstep, it’s easy to see why!

The Lake District is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country, attracting more than 18.5 million visitors annually, and is home to some stunning scenery, beautiful, bustling villages and abundant wildlife. Plus, it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site to boot!

There’s something for everyone in the heart of the Cumbrian mountains and we’ve found 3 reasons why the Lake District is the ideal destination for the holiday season.

The Activities

The Lake District is famed for its hiking opportunities, and so it should be! Home to the highest peak in England, Scafell Pike, as well as popular treks like Coniston Old Man, Helvellyn, and Great Gable, it has much to offer for intrepid mountaineers. For those less adventurous, this site has something for all abilities.

However, activities in the Lakes shouldn’t merely be confined to the fells. With Segway tours, gorge climbing, abseiling, and whiskey tasting on offer, as well as much, much more, you can while away plenty of afternoons in the region. For a taste of all the activities on offer, check out this page.

The Food

The Lake District is also renowned for its culinary delights, home to lots of regional specialties, fantastic pubs, and Michelin starred restaurants.

A trip to the region is never complete without a visit to Grasmere Gingerbread which has been in operation since 1854 and still works out of the original home of the cook who invented the recipe. This spicy yet sweet treat is a delight for the tastebuds and is infamous throughout the Lakes.

Similarly, Cartmel Sticky Toffee Pudding and the famous Cumberland sausage can be found throughout the pubs and restaurants in the region. This post by the Telegraph has the top pubs and inns throughout the Lake District, so you can get a taste of the fine Cumbrian food throughout your stay.

For the real foodies, L’Enclume and The Samling are a real draw to this destination, offering fine dining on another level.

The Accommodation

The popularity of the region is definitely reflected in the range of fantastic accommodation on offer throughout the Lakes and is one of the top reasons to choose the area for a holiday.

For luxurious trips, a stay at the Lake District Country Hotels is the ideal break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. With three award-winning hotels on offer and stunning accommodation, they’re the perfect option for a relaxing holiday.

If you’re on more of a budget, camping and caravan sites are a great way to see the real Lake District, and you can find details of the sites available here. Alternatively, for those not quite up to going back to basics, boutique yurts and glamping pods are the perfect in between!

We hope this has given you some inspiration for your next staycation and gives you a bit of an idea of what you can expect from a holiday in the Lake District!

Visit These Places When You Go to Sydney

If you’re a big fan of beautiful beaches, then Sydney is the perfect place for you.  The great thing about Sydney is that there are plenty of beaches you can choose from, and all of them showcase what beautiful beaches are made of. Whether you want to surf or just frolic in the fine sand, the city has something to offer to you. Simply put, you would have almost unlimited stunning beach choices when you step into the city.

The beaches of the north harbor, from Manly to Palm Beach, are well-known for their greener and less developed features, attracting tourists who are not very fond of crowded and city-like lifestyle. While beaches of the south harbor, from Bondi to Cronulla, are more developed and usually filled with both local and foreign tourists. You can never go wrong with lazy walks in the long stretch of Cronulla beach, and going there is quite convenient as it is the only beach spot that is accessible via train. Bondi on the other hand is very popular because of the multitude of dining places tourists can try, aside from being a popular surf destination. However, if you are after splendid view, Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk will never fail you.

Sydney has been one of Meccas for surf enthusiasts as the city boasts beaches with great waves. If you’re trying surfing for the first time, you could never go wrong with Bondi and Manly. Surf lessons are offered on these beaches year-round. However, if you’re a more experienced surfer who wants to ride the playful waves of the capital, you would want to head to Narrabeen and Dee Why. For advanced surfers, popular choices are Cronulla and Coogee.

Since Sydney takes tourism seriously, you would have plentiful of choices as far as luxury accommodation is concerned. There is a good number of luxury accommodation near Sydney, so if you plan to explore the capital while enjoying world-class accommodation. If you are visiting Sydney, there is no shortage of world-class accommodation Sydney you can choose from. There are dozens of famous boutique and five-star hotels in and around Sydney so you would have multitude of choices. Common features and amenities of these luxury accommodations include health and fitness centers, spa facilities, entertainment and recreation, and Internet services. So, if you are looking for the best relaxation and most convenient stay in the area, choosing a good hotel would be perfect.

Accommodation Sydney hotels are not the only ones that can provide you the best accommodation. A luxury accommodation within and around Sydney provides clients with topnotch and uncompromising services. Since staying in such hotels is not cheap, you can expect to experience one-of-a-kind luxury vacation stay. The business services are always spot-on, and you don’t have to worry about housekeeping, laundry, Internet, of course, spa. In a nutshell, your stay in Sydney will be more memorable if you choose to stay at a luxury hotel near the capital.

If you’ll be visiting Sydney in January, you should not miss the Sydney Festival, which feature more than 400 contemporary cultural performances. Imagine a big celebration with at least 140 events with more than 1,000 artists in about 30 venues – indeed something every foreign tourist should experience. In case you’re in Sydney in October, there’s no reason for you to miss the annual Good Food Month, which showcase the best of Sydney cuisine and street foods. This annual event is flocked by both local and foreign tourists who want to experience authentic and delightful Sydney cuisine.

Visiting Australia is never complete without exploring the wonders of Sydney. Aside from being the country’s capital, Sydney remains as one of the most visited destinations among foreign tourists because of its beauty and attractions. Visiting Sydney is definitely a refreshing experience due to the fact that there are many things to do in the city.

Trips to be taken for memory

It is mostly said that journeys are always better than the destination. To some, long duration train journeys are boring. But some trains have such beautiful routes that it is indeed a lifetime experience to take that journey. Indian Railways do have some breath-taking routes and one should avail a few of them. Here are some options.

Vasco da Gama (Goa) to Londa (Karnataka): This train actually crosses by the beaches of Goa and also one can get to see the Goan villages from a few inches away. Then the train reaches the Western Ghats and goes through the thick forests with the mountains alongside it. One can see the beautiful waterfalls from a distance and if you get to see the sun set there while passing, then it is an amazing view for sure. The train takes three and a half hours to reach its destination.

New Jalpaiguri (West Bengal), Tinsukia, Ledo (Assam): The DibrugarhRajdhani Express is basically two trains and the first one runs from Tinsukia till the Ledo segment. This is the eastern most part of the railways. The train starts from West Bengal and then reaches to Assam through the green paddy fields and tea plantations on all the sides. When the night approaches, the train passes the Brahmaputra River and then reaches Guwahati. Then there is a view of Tinsukia which has some awe inspiring nature. The journey time in total is around 16 hours in the train and then approximately one and a half hours in the Ledo.

Pune (Maharashtra) to New Delhi: Duronto Expresses are the few nonstop express trains and NizamuddinDuronto Express is definitely one of them. This one connects Pune with Delhi (one being a major city and the other the capital of the country) and the route that it takes is simple fantastic. The train passes through deserts, mountains, meandering rivers and villages. Apart from beautiful nature outside, this train is also famous for the delicious meals served by them. The journey time that it takes is 20 hours which is really less than other regular trains joining these two cities.

Madgaon (Goa) to Mumbai: The Mandovi Express runs through the Konkan Railways and it has beautiful landscapes around with Sahyadri Hills on the east and Arabian Sea on the west. This train crosses many bridges and tunnels in this route and the best one is the Panvalnadi Bridge which is the highest one in India. This is a 12 hours of breath-taking journey that one should not give a miss.

Mumbai to Delhi: There are a few royal trains in India. The Indian Maharaja Deccan Odyssey is one of them which reaches Mumbai from Delhi and vice versa while running through the state of Rajasthan. The specialty of this train is not the route but the facilities that you get by availing a royal, luxury train. If you take a journey in this train, you can go tiger spotting in Ranthambore and also get to see the Ajanta and Ellora caves.

You will always get delivery of food in trains in all of these.


Have you heard about Phaltan? I can see the dilemma on your face 😉 don’t blame your poor general knowledge because I was in the same situation few months back before visiting Phaltan.

Ok, let me tell you the kind of a traveler I am.                                            

I am the person with wanderlust to travel international destinations like Singapore, Bali, Mauritius and I have visited many of them and if it comes to domestic ones; Goa, Kerala, Leh Ladakh will be on my travel bucket list.

You might be wondering when I am an international travel zealot, how I reached Phaltan, a small city in Maharashtra State?

It all started with browsing Facebook on one lazy Sunday and I found few college classmates of mine visiting Phaltan. They have posted few pictures of the place that were so beautiful and enticing that made me curious to visit the place.

I decided to give the place a go and contacted one of my best friends to join me on the trip.

And what can you expect from an avid traveler now?

If the destination is decided, we don’t waste a Nano second to delay our bookings.

Phaltan is around 200kms from Mumbai, so we booked a flight to Mumbai and after that, we took a taxi to reach Phaltan.

But, where did you stay? If this is your next question, let me answer it first. We stayed in Jakson Inns, an extravaganza Green Platinum rated hotel that is situated near the highway, just 6-hours’ drive from Mumbai.

We reached the hotel around 7 pm and the first word that I uttered after stepping in the hotel gate was “WOW”.

Actually, one doesn’t expect such a lavish property in the middle of far away village and the kind of ambiance the hotel features was beyond words. 

A 6-acre property surrounded by lush green plantation away from the hustle bustle of metro life. Plus, the hotel includes all the amenities one can expect from luxurious stay.

Swimming pool, gym, spa, and salon – everything at your service.

I was overwhelmed by the way they welcome their guest; tikka and sugar cane juice was fantastic. 
After check-in, we had lip smacking dinner in their restaurant “Green Bean” and after a long tiring journey, we preferred to take a beauty sleep.

Next Day in Phaltan

I haven’t told you yet that I am a big foodie.

So, when I woke up in the morning, the first thing that came to my mind was breakfast.

I thought that they will serve their authentic Maharashtrian breakfast but I was wrong, they served us a proper English breakfast with cereals, milk, donuts, fresh fruits, waffles.

And guess where this breakfast was served? On the river side. Fortunately, it was cloudy weather and we enjoyed every bite with the refreshing cold breeze.

After satisfying our souls with heavenly breakfast, we asked the travel desk executive to guide us about the place and famous sight-seeing spots.

I should not miss here; the officer was very professional and handsome 😉 he guided us thoroughly about the place and we decided to head to our first spot i.e. Rajwada Palace Phaltan.

Rajwada Palace

When we entered the place, my co-traveller whispered that she has seen the place earlier also. First, I laughed at her and then suddenly I also found the place familiar.

After a quick thought, we recognized that we have seen this place in Akshay Kumar's movie “Khatta Meetha” and what can you expect next, giggles and giggles around.

The mesmerizing beauty of the palace had made us fall for it. The gold frame portraits, chandeliers, wooden carvings have taken our hearts.

All-in-all, visiting Rajwada Palace was worth and we bid goodbye to the palace with a broad smile on our faces.

Dhumalwadi Waterfall

Waterfalls drive me crazy! I feel like dancing, singing and enjoying in waterfalls.

So, it’s almost next to impossible to miss the spot. It was around 25kms from Phaltan.

As I told you about weather that day was cloudy and suddenly it started raining and I felt that I got a cherry on the cake. Woohoo!

The magnificent beauty of the waterfalls had driven me the craziest. We enjoyed there for more than 2 hours. We ate the delicious food packed by our hotel staff.

Needless to stay, staying in Jakson Inn for a foodie like me is a blessing.

Frankly, I desired to spend the entire day at the falls but due to a shortage of time, we headed to our final and last destination i.e. windmills. 


Our next stop was Windmills. The officer has guided us to visit the place at the time of sunset.  

We reached there around 6 pm. The place was beautiful and fascinating. When the sun was about to set, the rays crossed those wind blades and the sight looked splendid.

The sky was orange and we were in the pink!

We stood under windmills and started our photo session. We enjoyed there to the fullest.

After visiting all the three magical sight-seeing spots, we came back to our hotel.

We were tired but happy. After having mouth-watering dinner at the hotel, we rolled down in our dreams.
On next day, we check-out from the hotel.

The moment we checked out, the whole journey flashed in front of my eyes.

The visit to Phaltan has changed my thinking. I was the person who thinks that traveling internationally or to the posh domestic locations is only luxurious and can be soulful.

But I was wrong. I admitted it.

Sometimes, visiting offbeat places can give you the happiness and pleasure that renowned and crowded places fail to.  
The hotel staff handed us the two Jakson Inn coffee mugs as souvenirs. We bid goodbye from hotel staff.

Like all awesome journeys, this also came to end but it was a big turning point in my life and I returned with a question “Why the hell I haven’t visited this place before?