Guide To Travel Turkey

Turkey is an Asian country mostly and a part European accounting to 5% of the area. Has a humid climate throughout the year, pandering to have a soothing travel time.

Turkey Visas

• The passport allows you stay in Turkey for 60 days. In some cases, it's 90 days. Relies upon what country you come from. For instance, if you are willing to make a stay for 60 days, your passport must be valid for at least 70 days.
• In a lot of cases, you don't need visa to enter Turkey. It's viable to buy an e-visa online. But then again, rules and standards apply.
• TheTurkey visas needn't be bought in advance. There is an exception for the countries listed in the books.

Traveling Turkey can be amazing, with great climatic conditions and a little above typical European population. Here are some of the tourist attractions in Turkey -

• Istanbul - It is the largest city in Turkey and the only city to straddle 2 continents. It's got some top tier heritage since it has served as the capital city during Roman and Ottoman empires. Starting from beautiful mosques as well as churches such as Blue mosque to astonishing palaces such as Topkaki, Istanbul is a must-visit.

• Ephesus - Ephesus is an ancient city based of off 17th century. This city provides vivid description about the life during ancient period and its evolution. It is a good thing that Ephesus isn't as developed of a city which makes this place more intriguing to travel.

• Oludeniz - It is a beach resort in Mugla province. It is the most famous for Blue Lagoon. One of the calmest places there is, and has a beautiful scenery to nourish your eyes. It is the best place to settle (While traveling) and spend time in. Blue Lagoon is also a safe place to do any sort of water sports, and especially during summer it is an exceptional place to tan and chill out in the wide.

• Amasya - Amasya is another quiet and calm tourist attraction in Turkey. It is surrounded by mountain peaks and the river valley is really popular for its orchards. Attractions such as Yedi Kugular Kus Cenneti (Bird sanctuary), Amasya castle are some of most fascinating spots in Amasya to throw up a grand visit.

Honorary mention - Alacati is a beautiful village to absorb and learn more about Greek architecture.

Culture of Turkey - As Turkey is a Eurasian country, it's got diversities of cultures. It can get as western as possible and the other way around. The vital reason to which is considered mostly eastern because the country is dominated by Islam religion, who are the majority in Turkey.

The official language of the country is Turkish. Sometimes it is hard to communicate for foreigners as the Turkish are not really fluent in English. However there is a minority especially in the younger generation who speak fluent English and can be of enormous help.

The Turkish are its people who are known to be really nice people, but of course it depends from one set of people to another.


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