Lao Traditional Festivals

Festive time in Laos is closely linked to the agricultural seasons and the so called “Boon” in Buddhist holidays. Note in your travel guide to easily visit the land-locked Laos. 

  • February: Boon Makha Bucha is held at the beginning of February to celebrate the great harvesting.
  • April: Lao New Year Day, the biggest celebration takes place in mid-April. People often clean their houses, decorate and renew their “nest”, offerings are made in Wats and everyone gets dowsed by water. That means cleansing the past year to welcome good fortune for the next year. Sabidee Pee Mai” means Happy New Year!

  • May: Boon Visaka Bucha, the Buddhist holiday to immortalize the Buddha in the only one day. The temples were lightened by a candlelight procession around the main part and people often make offerings. Whereas, Boun Bang Fai (Rocket Festival) Parades, songs, dances and parties all need to a powerful climax as huge. People blissfully release hand-made bamboo rockets into the sky to ask for the rain. This exclusive festival is also taken placed in the Northeast Thailand.
Rocket Festival in Laos

  •  August: At the last week of August, a foodstuff people make offerings to the spirits of their departed ones in Boon Khao Phadabdin.
  • September: In the temples of countrysides, a foodstuff offering ceremony to the notable monks and novices in the Boon Khao Salak festival.

  •  October: Boon Ok Phansa is taken place in the temples countrywide. There are many exciting activities held during these days: boat racing (mainly on the Mekong River in Vientiane) in the first day and the Katin in the following days when the people offer new robes to the monks.
  •  November: That Luang Festival is held at the full moon day of November to celebrate the important national shrine. The market fair, colorful fireworks at night, beauty contests and music shows are the highlights of this festival. At Exotic Voyages, we highly recommend visitors to take part in the That Luang Festival in your luxury tours to Laos

  •  December: Lao National Day on 2nd December. On this day, streets strew with national flags and banners, processions, parades and speeches are all you can see. 
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