Must dos in Luang Prabang

The former royal capital city of Laos, Luang Prabang is certainly one of the most fascinating destinations in Southeast Asia which is under the radar to many travelers worldwide. In Luang Prabang, there’s no such thing as rushing or hustle and bustle. Here you will have total relaxation, with lots of amazing wats (temples), stunning waterfalls and an endless choices for street food lovers. Let’s take a look at some of the must dos in Luang Prabang.


For such a compact town as Luang Prabang, there’re a surprisingly large number of temples scattered across the town. However, some of the most worth-visiting ones are Wat Mai and Wat Xieng Thong. Wat Mai features a fabulous five-tier red roof covered by gilded bar depicting the life of Buddha. Along with Pha That Luang in Vientiane, Wat Mai is a must visit for those who fancy the traditional Lao architecture. Meanwhile, Wat Xieng Thong (monastery of the golden city) is Luang Prabang’s religious emblem. It is considered as one of the most significant symbols of Buddhism in Laos. The best thing about wat-visiting in Luang Prabang is that here you will have the chance to encounter and interact with thousands of monks who live, study and meditate within the wats.

Kuang Si Waterfalls

A 30-kilometer westwards drive will take you to one of the most beautiful and famous waterfall in Southeast Asia, the three-tier Kuang Si Waterfalls. Here you can swim all you like, the waters are perfectly clear, can make some stunning photos. Then after swimming, gather around for a nice picnic lunch amidst stunning natural settings. Fish spa is also newly available in Kuang Si Butterfly Park. This waterfall is certainly a great choice for families and group travelers.

Street market

Strolling through the hectic street markets of Luang Prabang is a must do, especially in the evening. A wide variety of local souvenirs can be easily found here. However, the best part to many people are the sumptuous street food selection. It’s like a real buffet, from chicken skewer with lemon grass, coconut pancake, Laotian sausage to coffee bean packages that you can buy.

Above are just some of the most famous activities recommended for travelers in Luang Prabang that is considered must dos. This alluring World Heritage Sites still has so much to offer for everyone.

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