Best time to visit Luang Prabang

Travelers usually wonder when the best time to visit Luang Prabang is. The climate in Luang Prabang is typically tropical, featuring with two seasons: the wet and the dry season. Situated on a plain region of the country, Luang Prabang is generally hotter than the rest of the country and it experiences less rain showers than other cities.

The average temperature is 25.9 degrees Celsius (79 °F). The average hottest temperature is 36 degrees Celsius (97 °F) in April and the average coolest temperature is 14 degrees Celsius (57 °F) in January. In addition, the monthly humidity fluctuates from 72% to 87%.

The wet season runs from May to October and may have an average temperature of 30 degrees Celsius (86 °F). Luang Prabang at this time experiences less rain than areas in higher, mountainous regions of the country, plus the temperature in highlands is also lower. Take note, however, that rainy season in the country doesn’t mean heavy torrential rains that last all day every day. Rain showers may come in daily, lasting for an hour or two only.

During this time, roads including services like public transportation, telecommunications, water supplies, power supplies, radio broadcasting and many others may get affected and services interruptions are quite common. Some trips may likely get cancelled and heavy traffic due to road damages may occur. In contrast, boat travels are a bit faster because the river is high, although you’ll get to see a lot of water garbage floating on the river.

The dry season, on the other hand, runs from November to June and is subdivided into two different types. The cool dry season is from November to February while the hot dry season comes in March to June.

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