Temples At Angkor - Places Of Peace & Power

The hundred of temples at Angkor surviving today is not only reflects the Cambodia long history but also the tourist attraction for both Cambodian and foreigners.

     Angkor Wat

It is the biggest and most stunning among the temples of Angkor with 3,6 kilometer outer wall. Climbing to the top of the central tower and have a great view of the whole Angkor Complex.

The Bayon

The mysterious 20 stone faces carved in the sides of the Bayon are things that visitors want to discover when coming to Cambodia. Walk through some dark, which seems you might get lost in the very low levels under the platform.


This small temple is featured by the carved decorations not the overall design.

Ta Keo

It is believed to be the oldest and the first temple built at Angkor. In fact, there are no decorations here. It attracts travelers as it’s a five-tiered pyramid with many steep staircases on each side.

Tah Prohm

The fresh air created by the plants and trees here. That’s the reason why Ta Prohm is one of the most popular temples for visitors at Angkor Region. Not being restored like other sites, it shows you how time affects its structure.

Pre Rup

Normally known as a mini Angkor Wat, Pre Rup consists of three central spires made of gray sandstones. Despite being worn away by time and weather, it’s still a magnificent site among Cambodia destinations.

Banteay Srie

Built from rose-pink sandstone, this smallest site was decorated with epic Ramayana scenes and floral motifs.



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