The Bhutanese Magical Mask Dances

To enrich your journey in Bhutan, the tiny but giant country, you should understand about the magical mask dance, one of Bhutanese traditional spiritual affair. Introduced first by Guru Padmasambhava, developed by Saint Pema Lingpa and popularized by Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgey, the mask dances now have different names, different types throughout the country.

Each festival also brings its own value. The masks are considered the symbol of saint and sages, male and female deities and personalities. They are a kind of entertainment embodying both intangible and tangible wealth. Bhutanese people suppose that by observing these bewitched dances, all their sins can be washed away and luck comes to them. Dancers often wear colorful silk costumes and wooden masks, joke among several people and warm up the festival with their skillful movements and humorous behaviors as well.

Some kind of masks performed by dancers

Audiences dress their most favorite but finest clothes to take part in the mask dance festivals in Dzongs, temples or monasteries. They often last for five days usually. The most famous occasion is Tshechu, now celebrated in Thimphu and Bumthang in autumn and Paro during spring.

Dancers conquer audiences by thier skillfull movements

With some of brief information of the mask dances in Bhutan above, you yourself really want to reach here and discover more cultural festivals as well as picturesque landscapes in the Nation of Happiness. 



Thanks for representing virtual view of culture of Bhutan, a Buddhist kingdom. Chaam - sacred masked dances are amazing. National dress of Bhutan for men is Gho.

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