What To Discover In Southern Laos?

Visitors seem to skip the southern Laos to visit Luang Prabang or Vientiane instead. But experiences 5 best places in Southern Laos and find the hidden beauty of these untouched destinations.

1. Konglor Cave
Rent a motor boat to visit the pristine side then enjoy the beauty nature that lets you immerse into the unique landscape. It is a little bit dark so take the torches or flashlights with you to discover the rough formations of Konglor Cave. Like exploration through the lush forest at night, it will bring you the most extraordinary experiences that you cannot get when visiting the busy cities like Vientiane or Luang Prabang. Additionally, you can’t get out of the several spectacular waterfalls here.

2. Wat Phou
Wat Phou translates in mountain temple, close to the Cambodia border, among the best untouched places to visit in Southern Laos. Built based on the Khmer architecture, Wat Phou keeps the origin with the orientation towards the East. It was made of sandstone, bricks and late-rite. It also symbolizes for the War, Storms and Rain.

3. Bolaven Plateau.

With the great sights and majestic waterfalls located in a volcano erupted very long time ago, Bolaven Plateau is definitely a must visit in your travel to Laos. You can experience a warm and cold weather in a day as it ranges over from 1000 to 1300 meter above the sea level. The lush tea and coffee plantations, the immense jungles with a wide range of animals such as monkeys, butterflies, tigers, etc. The famous Tat Fan waterfalls downing over 100 meters creates the outstanding scenery for the Bolaven Plateau that satisfies your luxury tours to Laos

4. Si Phan Don

The 4000 islands of archipelago known as Si Phan Don is considered the most famous Laos destinations in Southern. Three significant islands are Don Khon, Don Det and Don Khong. Home to rice fields, ancient temples, well-known Irrawaddy Dolphins, beautiful nature and the laid-back lifestyle of locals, Si Phan Don lets you take back time to experience the land-lock Laos from thousands years ago.

5. Pakse

The ancient town in Champasak amidst among the manificent landscapes, Pakse offers a long travel with spectacular views of some Laos’ biggest waterfalls and leisure trek among the coffee plantations. It is also has a collection of 80 year old tropical architecture with old temples on the bank of rivers. One outstanding that makes Pakse more attractive is the 9-hole golf course. Visitors can both enjoy the lush mountains and play golf as the professionals.

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