Top Trekking Routes and Places in Myanmar

There're three reasons why Myanmar is a fantastic country for trekking enthusiasts from over the world. First, this country is vast in terms of total land area, plus its topography is highly varied, hence many different trekking routes. Secondly, during these treks, you will have the chance to visit lots of spectacular temples and pagodas. And the final and biggest reason is, Myanmar remains one of the most exciting but under-the-radar destinations in the world. Even when the top 4 Yangon - Bagan - Mandalay - Inle Lake is becoming increasingly popular, most trekking sites are less-visited. So here are a short list of the best trekking routes and places in Myanmar:

1. Far North

There're only very few places that are like the Far North of Myanmar. It is extremely less-known to the world. Though it costs you very much even in your luxury tours to Myanmar, the treks will take you to some sensational sights, with ice-capped mountains in the distant background.

2. Kalaw to Inle Lake

The overnight trek from Kalaw to Inle Lake and vice versa is the most popular path for adventurers in Myanmar. This is highlighted by rich plantations, temples, local markets on the way. If you want to follow the tourist path, this is your choice.

3. Kengtung

In Kengtung, you can hike and trek in day, or up to even one entire week if you want, there're no limits here. You must be accompanied with a local guide, who will take you to different tribal villages. After visiting these timeless villages, you will admire the incredible variety of Myanmar's demography and culture.

4. Kyaiktiyo Pagoda

The ascend to one of Myanmar's most sacred temple is also one of the most challenging climbs. But what you will experience en route is very rewarding. On the way, you will encounter lots of striking mountain views as well as many local pilgrims offering prayers and meditating.

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Such a nice and informative thing you write. This place is looks really beautiful. India is also very beautiful country.


such a very few places that are like the Far North of Myanmar. but a wonderful place. great job and thanks for shearing this post..


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