Amazing Shots Of Charming Halong Bay

Halong Bay translates as “where  the dragon descends into the sea” is one of the most charming Vietnam destinations. Some below shots is expected to bring you the best of Halong Bay.

The sun is rising over the horizon waking the waterway up

 Cock and Hen Island - one of the most stand-out attracttions in Halong Bay thanks to both its own unique beauty and legend)

From the top of Ti Top Island, the spectacular views of Halong Island wow you a lot. 

Take a seat on the sundeck of a cruise to leisure yourself among the sea

Visit the floating village to experience the simple local life

Amazing Cave awaits your amazing discovery

Kayaking - a must do when visiting Halong Bay

Cooking Class on the Au Co Cruise - learning how to cook Vietnamese foods whilst cruising over the waterway



Hi....Tanq For sharing .it's really amazing .
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Thanks for sharing... I especially like the Travel Center - lots of quickly available info on any cities I might visit on tour.


Good pics! I found a nice booking site ( which provides tours of different cruise lines (Signature, Paloma, Pelican, ...), I'm tending to book a Halong Bay cruise, and I dont know which cruise to choose?


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