Divine Beaches of Mexico

Mexico is a truly marvelous travel destination. The reasons are limitless; a range of topography, wonderful climate through most of the country, unique cuisines and endless opportunities of adventures! Mexico is famous among the tourists for its sun kissed beaches that are heavenly. If you are a beach person, you’ve strong reasons to pack your bags and explore the amazing beaches in Mexico. But if you’re not, these picturesque destinations will surely compel you to plan a trip sooner than you expected.

1. Cancun

There are endless sites to view in Cancun and whether you’re traveling with your family or a partner, it is the best place for a vacation. The beaches are many, each more unique than the other one. Famous for the brilliant weather and the picturesque white sand beaches, a getaway to Cancun will help you to explore its amazing beaches. The North Beach is where you’ll explore the most peaceful, shallow water. Visitors love the beach because it is the only place where you can witness the sun set. If you wish to spend your day at the beach, visit Playa ChacMool. The beach wins the show for its central location and the amazing views. Playa Defines is one of the vastest beaches of Cancun. Nowhere else would you witness such bright blue shade of the water body. It is a truly great experience to spend your time at the 13 mile long coastal line of Cancun!

2. Akumal

In the heart of Riviera Maya lies the marvelous land of Akumal. It is one of the most exotic destinations in the world where there’s so much you can do to make your vacation a unique experience. The beautiful bay provides an excellent opportunity of snorkeling. The sunny beaches of the town are a magical place to bathe and have a relaxing break. The guided tours offered in Akumal are a good chance for tourists to explore the marvels of this town. Typically, tourists get to swim with the dolphins, go fishing, witness the marvelous species of birds and sail on the serene water. Akumal is surely a tourist’s haven!

3. Cabo San Lucas

If you’re looking out for the best beaches in Mexico, you must visit Cabo San Lucas. Whether you feel like indulging in adventurous water sports or swim in the deep waters, it is an excellent place to be. The Medano Beach is one of the finest of these. Being one of the liveliest beaches, the atmosphere stands out because of the wonderful combination of beauty and adventures. If you want to dive and go for snorkeling, the Chileno Beach is the best choice. The water body is home to amazing sea life and supports swimming in the best way. You’ll certainly be amazed to witness the clarity of the water. The restrooms at the beach are a plus factor that makes you let go of yourself and enjoy the best of Chileno.

These spectacular beaches in Mexico would turn out to be one of the best beach holidays you’ve experienced in your life.


I really like your telling us the experience in your journey. I used to love reading the travel blog but found this really inspired me a lot. Thanks


Tulum HAS to make this list! Ah... I miss Tulum. The sand is like walking on white powder and the waves are just right...


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