A tranquil flight, who doesn’t wish for it? As opposed to that, we often get unwanted surprises in flight, especially when flying economy. Children kicking your seat and throwing a tantrum, an extremely suffocated seat for resting and getting served cuisine that makes you give up on eating altogether.

If it was so simple, everyone would wish to travel through the premium classes of an airline. Everyone who travels wishes to grab a good plane seat! But what are the factors that determine how good a seat maybe?

Typically, exit rows, window or aisle seats are considered the best. Hardly anyone wishes to be sandwiched in the middle one. There are several flyers that prefer the bulkhead seats because the legroom gets better in them.

Hoping to grab a good plane seat? Here are some strategic moves you may wish to adopt.

1. Become a loyal member

Frequent flyer programs are one of the very few guaranteed ways that can help you to get a better seat. While for other days your luck might work, this is one move you can safely rely on. If you’re a high-ranking member of an airline’s frequent flyer program, providing your reservation number at the time of booking can increase your prospects of getting a good airline seat.

2. Become the Early Bird

An early bird in terms of booking enjoys several comforts. Booking early gives you a better chance of resting on a good plane seat. However, even when you can’t do so, make an attempt to check in the earliest possible or make a physical appearance at the airport earlier than you normally do. This is the time the airport staff will less likely be occupied and let you move up to a more comfortable seat.

3. Select When You Book

For people who wish to get a guaranteed good seat, selection at the time of booking is essential. For a long haul flight, it can become often miserable if you aren’t sure where you’ll end up getting placed. A number of airlines and booking sites provide the facility of choosing your seat once you start booking. They can even allow you to make the seat selection at a later time. To increase your chances, it is better to select the earliest possible before the plane starts filling up!

4. Opt for the Best Airline

Airline selection is not as simple as it sounds. Each one of us prefers differently when selecting an airline. If you wish to look for a good plane seat on a budget, it is advisable if you look for an airline that offers the most legroom to its passengers, even in the economy class. Japan Airlines and JetBlue are some of the airlines that excel when it comes to enhanced legroom. For selecting the best ones, you have to do an extended research on the individual details of the airline.

Even when it’s economy class, a good plane seat can give you a much better flying experience that you can enjoy through these convenient ways!


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