No matter what part of the globe you’re in, flying to Australia requires a lot of rigorous planning. Because the continent is miles apart, the most important part is choosing the airline carefully. On a long haul flight, you can’t afford to sit miserable and uncomfortable for the entire journey.

Australia is paradise’s chunk on this planet. With the diverse landscape, there’s a world of adventures that the tourists can enjoy. First time travelers to Australia are awe inspired with the beauty of the continent. Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne are the magical cities you’ll be enthralled to explore. If you’re up for endless adventures, make your way to Cairns. You might blindly follow any path in Australia and still be amazed to find what it has to offer to the tourists.

Confused about your first trip of flying to Australia? Here’s the ultimate guide for planning your trip.

1. Ideal Time to Fly

When it comes to the experiences, there is no ideal time to fly to Australia. The country is happening and merry all year round. However, when it comes to your confined budget, there are certain times of the year you must prefer. From mid April to the end of June, you’ll find the cheapest rates. Where it is summers in most of the countries, Australia is bidding farewell to autumn and preparing its way for winters. Generally, school holidays and the Christmas break turns out to be the most expensive for traveling. However, if you fly on the actual Christmas Day or New Year’s Eve, you’ve a better chance of scoring fantastic deals.

Because the fares are high, being flexible with your plans can help you a great deal!

2. Ideal Time to Book

There’s nothing as early when it comes to booking. Getting your tickets book promptly would increase your chances of getting hold of good airfares. Since they run out quickly, keeping an eye is a must! Cheap deals would pop up every now and then. However, generally stays ideal for hunting some amazing travel deals.

With social media, flight sales happen to be all year round. It’s ideal to try out your luck!

3. The Best Airlines

There are many leading airline carriers that offer flights to multiple destinations in Australia. Some of them are amazing when it comes to a long haul flight. The comforts offered on these flights are worth a mention. One of the best of these is naturally the flag bearing airline, Qantas. Being the largest airline in Australia, it operates both domestic and international flights. Being affiliated with many partner hotels and activities, passengers are benefited when traveling to Australia with Qantas.

For cheaper airfares, Malaysia Airline is also a great choice. The airline allows you to make huge savings when flying to Australia. With its strong alliances and helpful services, flying to Australia is no trouble at all!

When making your way from States, United and American Airlines are also find choices for scoring great deals and making huge savings through a comprehensive frequent flyer program.


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I find the only thing holding me back from going to Australia has to be the long flight, I don't mind flying but just can't seem to want to fly that much time. I have thought about breaking the trip up and flying somewhere and staying a day or two then flying farther but would loose time in staying in my final destination,


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