Phơri’s House in Hanoi - No Word Can Express!

Located in Quang Minh town, Me Linh district, Hanoi, Phơri’s House will be the best place for relaxing during the hot temperate of Vietnam in the space of nature with river, lush trees, lawn and pool.

The house is surrounded by lush green vegetable gardens and wildflowers. Besides, it has the position near the riverbank and provides large grass and swimming pool. All of them make you the most relaxing moment in the spacious space of nature.

You can both relax on the grass with some interesting books and enjoy fresh fruits at on – site. And then, you will have chance to enjoy the lunch with rustic dishes of Vietnam made from ingredients in the garden.

Each of the room has view overlooking the garden; especially the house is equipped with bathroom in open style. Thus you can leisurely release yourself in the bathtub while listening to a soothing music melody and admire the sceneries outside.

Besides, it provides a mini cinema and outdoor swing for you to entertain.  Indeed, Phơri’s House is the ideal place for those who like the peaceful and tranquil atmosphere.

However, you should raise awareness of environmental protection by using cloth bags instead of plastic bags when staying in the house.

The price is affordable from $25/room/person/day; $45/room/ two persons and surcharge $15 for the 3rd person. Breakfast is served with ingredients from the garden, lunch and dinner are also provided with the price from $5 - $7/person.

Also, Phơri’s House offers an outdoor party, BBQ with fruit juice and fresh ingredients bought from Sapa and the garden. The price is $15/person. To book room in advance you can contact to Ms. Hao (0918398599).

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This is Afzal and I have travelled more than 90 countries of the world only to experience a sense of awe at the aforesaid post related with Hanoi, where I am looking to pay visit next month. I like the outer greenery as well as the internal settings. Planning to own a house there. I would love to show you my new blog based on travel namely I will shortly be sharing step by step guide of my experiences. Do give me a place here and I am sure, we can create a more lively and binding force in the world


I remember my trip to Vietnam. I had some savings and I could afford to stay here: I was there for a week and it was journey of my life!


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