Travel to Cat Ba Island, Enjoy 4 Not-to-be-missed Experiences

1. Camping At a Deserted Beach

One of the most appropriate experiences for the youth visitors when traveling to Cat Ba is to hire a boat or kayak, then paddle to the remote beaches outside of Lan Ha bay to have night camp. Certainly the feeling of being “Robinson in the uninhabited island” will be the most memorable experience for young visitors in Cat Ba.

2. Climbing the Mountain

Climbing is one of the best extreme sports in Ca Ba, especially for adventure lovers. Climbing venues include Dau Be Island (after 2 hours traveling by boat from the port of Cat Ba, the cliff at Ben Beo (about 2km far away from the center of Cat Ba, Ba Trai Dao island (about 22km to the south away from the tourism port)… However, you can also climb mountains right at Monkey island if you don’t like adventure. 

3. Walking Around Cat Ba Town at Night

The daytime activities in Cat Ba are very various and lively, but nightlife in Cat Ba is very limited. Beside the small bars and pubs in the town center for active people, taking a walk along the beach at night is also an interesting thing you should try. The fresh air from sea breeze will make you relaxed completely. You can hire a double or triple bike to go around with your family. Besides, the area of stairs which connects from Cat Co 1, 2, 3 to each other is one of the romantic places in the evening.

4. Squid Fishing

Squid fishing at night in Cat Ba is an exciting entertainment, but it cost expensive price. The expense for a short trip is about 500.000VND (22.46USD). You can ask the owner of your hotel about the supplier of this activity or ask directly to the houseboats or the ferryman in the port of the town.

5. Visiting an Old Village

Maybe you have crossed to an old village while kayaking or sailing around Lan Ha bay. Cai Beo is the oldest and largest floating village in Cat Ba, Vietnam. Certainly you will never forget the peaceful images of smiling faces and waving hands of locals when kayaking through the floating village. They are very hospitable and willing to invite you to visit their houses. The village is located near the Cai Beo wharf and not difficult to move there. Besides, in Cat Ba there is also an ancient village named Viet Hai, which is very famous for ecotourism. 

There are 3 ways to get to Viet Hai village: kayaking, taking a boat with the price of 300.000VND (13.48 USD)/trip and trekking through the Cat Ba National Park.

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