Interesting things You May Not Know About Myanmar

1. Welcoming the New Year By the Water Festival on April

Every year, people often hold Myanmar water festival to welcome moments of the New Year, usually in mid-April. The New Year in Myanmar is known under the name “Thinyan’. Like the tradition of neighboring countries including Thailand and Cambodia, in this festival, Myanmar people splash water to each other with the hope of washing away the old year's bad lucks. Moreover, they also wish a peaceful new year with health, lucks and success.

2. Having many beautiful beaches

What most people don’t know is that the country is also home to some of the most beautiful beaches on the planet. Myanmar is the country with a coastline stretching more than 2,000 km. The beaches here are very beautiful with blue sea water, fresh air and golden sands. Especially, Ngapali Beach is the best-known beach in Myanmar. It is one of the most famous tourist destinations here. In fact, Ngapali beach is just a 45 minute driving from Yangon.

3. Bringing a lot of cash and do not let them so ugly

In Myanmar, there are not many ATM counters, so travelers are strongly advised to bring enough cash to spend during the trip. You should remember not to leave them too "ugly", otherwise they will be difficult to use. Besides, visitors should also be aware that credit card and other modern payment methods are only accepted in hotels, 5 star restaurants. If you want to buy food or souvenirs on the streets, you need to pay by cash.

4. Whistling if you want to order a cup of beer

Whistling to call the waiter is a unique feature of Myanmar culture. Therefore, you should not be confused when hearing the whistles everywhere. Beer is a favorite drink in Myanmar.

5. Men wear dress

Longyi is a type of traditional dress for both men and women in Myanmar. Men often choose dark fabrics with a color, and then wrap around their waists into the front button. Meanwhile, the women’s dresses are more charming and attractive with many different colors. If you draw Thanaka on your cheeks and wear a longyi, you will become a real Myanmar local person.

6. Eating by the right hand

Myanmar people always use the left hand to do personal cleaning. Therefore, only the right hand can be used for eating food and do the worships. People here have a tradition of eating by their own hand without chopsticks, spoons and knives. They use the right hand fingers to lift and roll the food together so that they will not scatter around.

7. Newspapers stalls appears in every corner of Yangon

During the time that information and communication network are limited, reading the newspapers is the only way to help the people access to the outside world and update the latest news.

8. Myanmar people love to chew betel

Betel chewing is a habit and becomes the daily interest of Myanmar people. Therefore, visitors can easily see many betel shops everywhere in this country.

9. Nangyi Thoke is one type of Myanmar spaghetti

Made from flour mixed with thin slices of fish, boiled eggs, and chicken, Nangyi Thoke is added with many seasons like ginger powder, chili, peanuts and other special spices. Nangyi Thoke pasta always satisfies customers every time they come to Myanmar.

10. Enjoying Tan-ye wine

A taste of this wine is definitely different and special. Tan –ye wine seems to become a specialty wine in Myanmar. If you see some ladders hidden in the palm trees, that's when local people are cutting the palm chamber to get water, take it home and cook it into wine known as Tan - ye.

11. Enjoying the tea leaf salad

Perhaps, it is difficult to find in the world the people who eat tea leaves instead of drinking like in Myanmar. One of the most special dishes in Myanmar is the tea leaf salad. The green tea leaves are semi-processed, mixed with julienne cabbage, tomato slices, beans, oil, garlic and chili to create a special salad dish.

12. Wandering in a secluded countryside

Opening your eyes in a beautiful morning, hearing the rooster calling the dawn, you will get up and wander around the long paths of a peaceful countryside. Suddenly, you see the buffaloes grazing and enjoy the fresh air and peaceful atmosphere. Staying away from noisy cities, you will be totally relaxed and comfortable when spending time in the great villages in Myanmar.

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Very impressive blog describing Myanmar's beautiful beaches, water festivals, favorite drink beer and more! The culture of whistling if you want to order a cup of beer fascinated me a lot. Also I got to know that there are not many ATM counters, so travelers are strongly recommended to bring enough cash to spend during the trip. Nice post, thanks for writing about it.
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Good and informative article Myanmar is look like India. chew betel like Pan, eating with hand men not using spoons etc.
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