An Overview Of Greece Residency By Investment Programme

The Government of Greece enacted a law through which residency permit can be obtained. It’s renewable after every five years and fits best for owners of real estate by third-country citizens. As the value exceeds 250,000 euros, government adopted a convenient strategy for those who wish owning a real estate property in Greece.

Greece investment residence permit allow investors and their immediate kin to live, study, work and enjoy commuting within the country and EU member states; provided necessary requisites are met. This permit or residency license is renewed after a five-year interval with validity lasting as long as the property is owned by the foreigner. Ownership right in Greece is valid for a lifetime.

The real estate market in Greece is most affordable as compared to the entire Europe. Investors are eligible to purchase a property unit anywhere in Greece such as on the mainland or its serene island. All that’s required is a sum of 250,000 euros against which you can acquire approximately 80 to 110 square-metre unit comprising two-to-three bedrooms. A more careful search and you may also come across much bigger pre-owned residences.

Since it takes only 40 days approximately from the time of initial purchase till Residency Permit is issued, the Greece investment residence permit programme is easily accessible at any time. Greece is amongst the most beautiful and historical countries in the world

Briefing Of The Programme
  • Greek residency is the key to legally obtain European Member in approximately two months;   only if there isn’t any hindrance during the process.
  • Any third-country national is eligible to apply through the programme.
  • The country also recognises dual citizenship.
  • Applicant and his immediate kin including spouse and children less than 21 years old are eligible under the defined policy.
  • Investors can refurbish the permit indeterminately after five years provided they meet the state and programme requirements.

Programme Benefits

Living & working
While citizens have the right to live and work anywhere across the 34 European Union (EU) states, typical residents can only live in Greece.

Freedom to commute
Visa-free travel – For citizens; 191 countries worldwide, for residents; 26 Schengen Member Countries.

Education & healthcare
Both native residents and citizens can attend schools and universities located across the EU. They can undergo medical treatment in leading healthcare systems and facilities in the EU.

RBI requirements
  • Real estate unit is owned and possessed by its owners and not anyone else.
  • With joint ownership where property value reaches 250,000 euros, Residency Permit is only approved if owners are spouses. In this case, real estate ownership or title is undivided!
  • In other cases of mutual ownership, residency permit is only granted when each owner invests at-least 250,000 euros.
  • If property has been acquired through legal entity, applicant must’ve 100 percent ownership of company shares.
  • Residency Permit is also granted when any of the third country citizen is the owner; either through any legal body or directly.


The above details are typically associated to Greece Residency by Investment programme and give applicants an insight of the process as well as benefits.


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