Ba Den Mountain Trekking – Enjoy the Great Sunrise

Clouds and dawn hunting is one of the very interesting things with the young who love travel and photography. So do not miss the glamor of the sunrise in Ba Den Mountain.

Besides the mysterious story about faith and beliefs of the people of Tay Ninh, Ba Den Mountain, also known as the roof of the southern region, with the highest peak of 986 m. Ba Den Mountain Region covers an area of 24 km2, is formed from Heo Mountain (Pig Mountain), Phuong Mountain (Phoenix Mountain) and Ba Den Mountain.

Seen from afar, the mountain looks like a giant conical hat that someone left, facing down the immense green fields. The romantic scenery along the height of the mountains has gradually become the cause that many people choose climbing Ba Den Mountain as a way to experience the beautiful moments with nature and have their stunning pictures.

Climbing to sightseeing, awaiting dawn, or watching the clouds floating between sky and earth is what almost everyone wants to be once experienced.

Many people after coming to Ba Den mountain chose to stay overnight to welcome the new day and see the sun rises. The fanciful beauty when a the new day comes at this mountain is one of the things you can hardly forget .

Ba Den Mountain dawn is the poetic mixing colors with the white clouds, the gorgeously golden sun, blue sky and green grass. All full of fresh colors will make you feel extremely calm and peaceful.

In cloudy days, the dawn makes us feel like we are in the paradise with the beauty of colors mixing together: blue, violet and gentle ultramarine and light orange glowing from the sun.

White dene clouds look like cotton patches covering the foothills region, floating among the immense sky.

To be able to feel and experience the sunrise at Mount Ba Den, you can come Tay Ninh in two ways. If you want to travel by motorcycle, run along Highway 22 on the direction to Tay Ninh, follow the Highway 22B at Go Dau, then continue drive about 5 km you will see Ba Den Mountain.

Or you also run along Highway 22, to the Trang Bang junction, then turn left to go Duong Minh Chau. And if you take the bus, you can catch the Ben Thanh (Ho Chi Minh City) - Go Dau (Tay Ninh), then upon arrival, take another bus from Go Dau to Long Hoa to get to Ba Den Mountain.

After arriving in Ba Den Mountain, you can use many ways to go up the mountain. If you have not experienced a lot of climbing, so take the temple road, for ease of movement and water stations.

If you like adventure, you can choose climbing the power poles. It is chosen by the local farmers and soldiers, so there are many traces to lead the way for you. You can choose to take a break at power poles No 55 to refresh at the stream.

Many adventurous and experienced backpackers often choose three other ways going up the mountain: Ma Thien Lanh road, Phung mountain road and Ho Chi Minh road, or White Stone Road.

The roads are often slippery with lots of jagged rocks, almost no directions, very high slope, so the roads to conquer the summit are longer, especially Phung mountain and Ho Chi Minh road , White Rock road are extremely dangerous.

Without good health, careful preparation, specific go-to guide, you can risk the health and even lives.

Some notes the climbers are required to prepare in advance:
  • Firstly, you need to have good health no matter which road you choose. The more difficult the road is, the more physical strength and stamina you need to prepare.
  • Secondly, if you choose hiking, you at least have to wear the right shoes with high standard for hiking.
  • Ready-made food and snacks, water, tools, medicine is required. You should also prepare extra long sleeves, raincoats, tents or sleeping bags, mosquito repellent if you intend to spend the night on the mountain.
  • For the difficult roads with dangerous cliffs, you should prepare hiking gloves, power steering belt, GPS, and it’s better to have an experienced tour guide. You must carefully prepare the road map in advance, even if you have a guide.
  • Good preparation before starting the journey to Ba Den mountain is extremely necessary. This is the best way to ensure safety for yourself and your companion, to obtain the most memorable moments of the fanciful dawn at this sacred mountain.


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