Deja Vu - The Super Lovely Homestay in Hue

Being one of the newest and most impressive home-stays in Hue, Déjà Vu is really a wonderful stop-over when you visit the former capital. Located at the number 3, Alley 191, Dien Bien Phu Street, Hue city, Déjà Vu is a beautiful home-stay with young, lively and bright colours. 

There are 5 rooms in Déjà Vu with 5 different styles in each room. Maximum capacity of each room is 3 people. In addition, the home-stay has 3 dorm beds which are very suitable for tourists who travel alone.

To explain the name of the home-stay, one of the female owners of the house said: “Many people wondered why we named the house Déjà Vu. Have you ever heard about the phenomenon Déjà Vu? It is in fact a French term, meaning literally "already seen.". Sometimes people feel like they already experienced the scene that is strange with them. In other words, it describes an overwhelming sense of familiarity with something that is not familiar at all – like they already saw it in their dream. We also had dreams like that, and this cosy home is one of our nice dreams. A small house nestled in a narrow deep alley, deep enough for people to feel a “deep Hue” and enjoy themselves in a special space in a journey”. 

For sure, you also have nice small dreams where everything is so gentle and beautiful. Therefore, you probably saw Déjà Vu appearing in your dreams with some familiar details: a wooden sofa, doors, an old bamboo wattle, wooden signs… like in the house in your childhood… - because the owners want everyone find themselves at home when coming here.  

In each room, the home-stay owners cleverly arranged small table for drinking some tea and relaxing, reading book or simply breathing the comfortable environment. Although the home-stay is not so large, you still can feel the harmony of the design of the house and surrounding landscape.
Coming to Déjà Vu, you don’t need to bring books because everything you need – travel guide books, romantic novels, in English or Vietnamese – is here.

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