Suggestion of 3-Day Hanging out in Cam Ranh

Day 1:
At the first day of the trip, take a short rest after finishing check-in process, then make a visit and take a bath on Bai Dai beach. It’s very attractive with untouched beauty and a white soft beach.

The sea is calm and shallow, so tourists can freely go swimming, engage in melodious waves, immerse in cool water to enjoy the beauty and tranquility of nature. Moreover, seafood is a big attraction here. Tourists can enjoy numerous fresh seafoods at a resonable price such as prawns, crabs, squid, snails, especially wolflets –a local speciality, do not miss it!

Day 2:
You might spend the second day exploring I-Resort. Located at Group 19, Xuan Ngoc Hamlet, Vinh Ngoc commune and surrounded by majestic mountains and a gentle Cai river, I- Resort is considered a small oasis, grasping visitor’s attention at the first sight. This resort offers rustic and beautiful scenery that contributes to purifying the soul and freshing your mind by mud bath services.

Particularly, I-resort owns the first mineral water park in Vietnam to be put into operation in early 2016. Spread over the area of 2 hectares, the resort offers 4 swimming pools and an impressive waterfall system with amazing games such as water slide, water guns, etc that enable you to experience as much as you can.

Day 3:
After having breakfast in the resort, you may enjoy the last day of your journey in Cam Ranh Sealife, the spectacular playground on Bai Dai Beach.

There are numerous amazing activities for you to experience such as powered parachute flying, motorcyle riding, surfing, etc. In addition, you can go diving to see coral reefs, see sea fishes by boat... The games here ranges from 10$ to 40$.


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