Top 3 Spectacular Cliffs in Vietnam for Backpackers

The cliff on Pha Luong peak (Moc Chau)

Pha Luong peak is famous by the immortal poetry of the poet Nguyen Quang Dung in the poem Tay Tien: 'So winding the slope up and slop down / guns seems to smell the sky among the quiet cloud / Thousand meters up, thousand meters down/ Someone’s house is far away in Pha Luong’s rain.

At an altitude of nearly 2,000m, Pha Luong is an attractive destination for young people. Conquering this mountain requires the courage and endurance of those who are truly passionate about discovery.
Stand here you will feel the beauty of nature in the wind of the sky. You will easily observe the constant movement of the clouds, creating many interesting shapes. Especially, on cloudy skies you can see the sea of clouds in the middle of the mountain. The beauty of this place is like the scene in the legendary.

However, the bottom of the mountain terrain is quite dangerous, so if you can not resist the charm of it, you should also remember not to dabble or too risky to take pictures. The most beautiful place is also the most dangerous place, so do not trade safety just because of the photos.

The cliff in Thach That (Ha Tay)

The Thach That cliff, just outside of Hanoi, is also the destination for the fan of virtual life in the North in 2016. Not only save cost and travel time, Thach That’s cliff is just 5m from the ground, so it is safe for tourist to take photos. Especially, under the cliff is the whole scenery of rural countryside, trees, rivers, lakes, mountain ranges far away .... dim in the fog, as if you were standing on the edge of a real danger.

To reach the Thach That Cliff, you will have to climb about 1 hour, the terrain is quite steep and high as the feeling of difficulty breathing, make sure you are healthy as well as equipped with all items: climbing shoes, canes, drinking water ... to not be exhausted before climbing up to the cliff.

The cliff in Quang Yen town (Quang Ninh)

In the past few days, netizens who love traveling are telling each other the image of a rocky flagstone in Quang Ninh. This special stone is confirmed as Da Chong Mountain, Minh Thanh Ward, Quang Yen Town, Quang Ninh Province.

What makes the stone impressive and is of interest to young people because this place can be considered virtual life paradise, giving a lot of beautiful art pictures, "so deep" but equally dangerous.
According to people who have experienced it, this is a forest road, it is difficult to go. Those who can drive can ride a motorcycle. Roads in the forest are so many turns without signs, so be careful not to get lost.

Visitors can go to Minh Thanh ward, Quang Yen town, Quang Ninh province, go to junction 3, km 11 Lam Sinh road, then ask the local people about this place, almost everyone knows.

However, you have to keep in mind that this is a dangerous place if you are not in good health, not fully prepared with specific directions.

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