The Land of Buddha in Myanmar

Remarkable in the heart of tourists when referring to Myanmar is Buddhism, the image of the high temple towers, the beauty of the local people’s hospitality. Stretching in all the roads of the country are temples. Among them, the most famous is Shwedagon or Golden Temple and Golden Rock Temple.

This is the Golden Temple in Yangon. The place now houses the Buddha's sacred treasure - eight of his hair. Therefore, Shwedagon Pagoda is worshiped by Myanmar people as the the holiest place in the country. The Shwedagon Pagoda was built 2,500 years ago, from the time the Buddha was still in the world. This place is a complex of many towers, among which the most prominent is the central tower up to 98 m tall. The tower is gilded and inlaid with glittering natural diamonds, gems like ruby, emerald…. The top of the tower is extremely brilliant with the 76-carat diamond.

Walls, columns, ceilings inside the temples and towers of the Shwedagon complex are gilded with glittering light, creating a magnificent setting.

Golden Rock Temple is located on the mountain in the town of Kyaikto, Thaton, about 200 km from Yangon. At an altitude of over 1100 m, Hon Pao temple is also a sacred and mystical place of the people of Myanmar. Legend has it that the place is keeping a hair of the Buddha. Diamond Rock is located right at the top of the mountain with a very small contact, also known as the "sacred stone" where welcome thousands of Buddhist pilgrimage every day. Many believe that the very hair of the Buddha was placed in a 7.3 m high tower on the top of the sacred stone that keeps the sacred stone stable along the time.

The chanting of the Buddhists together with the bells tantalizing in the late night seem to create a holy and mysterious space.

The sacred stone is surrounded by an iron barrier. Only men can cross the iron fence to touch it directly and inlay the thin gold foils on the stone to pray for good luck for the family and relatives. Women can not touch the sacred stone directly but they can worship outside the iron fence.
You can see the people selling the Thanakha. This is a cosmetic of Burmese, used as sunscreen to protect their skin. They will be grinded into powder then mixed with water, applied directly to the skin.

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