The Sublime Beauty of Hon Lon Island

Located in Van Phong Bay, Van Ninh Commune, Khanh Hoa Province, 50 kilometers from Nha Trang, Hon Lon Island has fascinated holidaymakers with the pristine charm and tranquility that promises to mesmerize them right they set foot in it.

The stunning Hon Lon Island is the dock of boats and ships during hurricane season. One side of the island, in which the beach is sandy and smooth, enables boats to get on the dock. Meanwhile, the other 3 sides are quite « tough » with sharp rocks. To attend at 2 – day journey to this amazing island, you just need to spend about 70$ per person (a group of 9). Vacationers start their summer cruise to the island in Ho Chi Minh city and, then, can freely engage in all interesting activities awaiting them on the island. After 3 hours of traveling by ship, tourists approach the « untouched » Hon Lon Island featuring immense mountains and forests, and charming beaches without footprints. 

Featuring the length of 14,2 kilometers and width of 6 kilometers, and spreading over the area of 46 square kilometers, Hon Lon Island is surrounded by 2 thick mountains all year round. At Mien Dong Bus Station (Ho Chi Minh City), we got on a coach managed by  Ha Linh transportation company to the crossroads of Hien Luong Bridge (Van Ninh town). The ticket is priced at 10$ per person.

Got there, we contacted the fishermen whose boat we did hire in advance. We took the boat of a local fisherman named Vang with the price of 150$ for a 2-day-1-night cruise. If you want to drop by the stunning Diep Son Island that are not in your itinerary on the way back, you might pay more 25$. It takes nearly 3 hours to reach the island from the mainland but it’s still comfortable because of the fresh breezes and calm sea. Sitting on the boat, you have a chance to enjoy the vast nature as well as the crystal – clear seawater. The feeling of floating at the middle of the sea is « extraordinary ». It must be an unforgettable experience during your journey to this beautiful island.

On the way to the island, you see a lot of raft boats of the locals offering seafood at remarkably affordable prices. Although we told Mr. Vang to buy seafood before starting the journey, we still bought fishes priced at 13$/ kg and shrimps 8$ / kg. This exhilarating island was naturally favored the pristine blue seawater and the calm sea all year round, so you definitely indulge yourself into the cool water. More interesting, you can take coral diving because of the natural coral reefs that are 10 meters from the shore. Bear in mind, you should prepare diving glasses, life jackets, or even diving mask to explore these beautifully colorful coral reefs.

The sand is not totally « smooth » and soft, so you had better wear sandals to prevent your feet from being scratched. The most memorable experience for us is to gather, grill seafood and relax at a dried small cave with a capacity of 15 people on the right of the beach. We stayed there in the afternoon to stay away from such hot weather. Interestingly, Mr. Vang also prepared the tasteful « half-dried » squids for us. Just look, we can’t stand swallowing saliva. 

Although Hon Lon Island remains « unspoiled », it’s getting more dynamic with the increase in the number of raft boats and tourists sites.  However, the island itself is currently badly affected by domestic waste as well as waste from tourist’s throwing drifted to shore. Therefore, travelers should clean garbage producing from their playing and the camping ground. Surprisingly, Mr. Vang told us to bring litter that can not be burned back to the mainland. The other « must-mention» characteristic of this island is that it owns a fresh water stream of running down from the top of the mountain. Furthermore, the pristine and cool water definitely enables you to immerse yourself in this natural stream after having a bath at the beach. Water from this spring could be used for living, too.

To complete the journey, we were taken to Gieng Island to have breakfast, and, later on burn incense. There are a variety of tasteful dishes for breakfast in this island, fluctuated from 5$ to 12$. 

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