6 Excellent Afternoon Dishes in Saigon’s Rainy Season

Pha lau, bitter melon soup, hot squid porridge with light spicy taste are the afternoon snacks that very popular among Saigon people in the rainy season.

1. Grilled corn and onions

Grilled corn and onion is a familiar dish of Saigon people. And this rustic dish will be even more delicious on the cool rainy days in Saigon. To have a delicious grilled corn and onion grease, you will have to be patient waiting to bake corn.

Fresh grilled corn which is added with fat onion is so delicious. Biting a piece of corn like that, you will feel the sweetness of corn, the fat and onion smell, making it unforgettable. No need to pay attention to the rain and wind outside, just enjoy this afternoon's snack, you will probably forget the weather and feel so comfortable.

2. Pha lau

Pha lau is a famous dish in Saigon, originated from the Chinese community in the city. 

The rainy season is also the great time to enjoy pha lau because cool weather makes this dish so delicious. It is made from the viscera of cows and pigs, so it is both tough and crispy. However, in order to make a pha lau with good taste, it takes a lot of time for preliminarily processing and cooking.

When there are visitors, the seller uses a scissor to cut organ and viscera. The broth is warm , hot, spicy and a little bit fat, making the dish more attractive. This dish is served with bread or noodles.

3. Snails

Saigon is not the sea but snail is a must when it comes to Saigon’s cuisine, thanks to the variety of the snail dishes. Saigon has a lot of snail restaurants, each has dozens of different kinds of snails, oysters and crabs.

The way of processing snails also varied with dozens of recipes like with tamarind,  butter, cheese, satay, curry, chili, onion with different ways of cooking like steaming, grilling, stir-frying... so many choices for customers. Snail is always delicious no matter when, and rainy season is still the best time to enjoy it.

4. Fried flour

Fried powder is also a very special snack of Saigon. This dish was originated from the Chinese but over time became a snack branded Saigon. The fried flour is made from flour, then people add a little oil, then boil the flour until it is firm and turns into ivory white.

Through many preliminary processing, the dough is chopped and then fried on hot oil, people then add some egg and onions to make it more attractive. It is served with soy sauce, and it tastes very delicious but quite fat. So in rainy days, cool air, this dish will become more attractive.

5. Squid porridge

An extremely attractive dish for rainy day Saigon must be mentioned is squid porridge. Porridge is considered popular dish, often cooked with dried squid cut small pieces. When eating , you can add more ginger fiber, pepper, chilli to make it warmer.

The weather in Saigon is often hot so many people are afraid to eat porridge. So it would be great to eat a hot bowl of squid porridge in the rainy days.  Hot light spicy porridge with sweet scent and so many delicious pieces of squid, pig skin, will be the ideal choice for afternoon snacks. In addition, a bowl of porridge is very cheap, only 15 000 to 20 000 VND (1 USD).

6. Bitter melon soup

Bitter melon soup is not only nice but also very tasty. This dish includes okra, tofu, bean sticks, bitter melon, chilli and fried fish. All of them are put into a bowl and added with broth. In addition to the stuffed beet, there are also beef balls, baby corn, dry pigskin ...

After being soaked in water, this full bowl of food is covered with a very thick layer of onions, cilantro, pepper. On cold rainy days, you will certainly feel mount watering with the smell of the ingredients mixed together, the sweet taste of broth cooked from pig bone, crunchy fatty crispy onions. The attraction of the dish will make you want to eat so much!


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