Discover Philippines Cuisine & Dining Experiences

Filipino cuisine is influenced by many neighboring countries, but still has its own characteristics in the use of ingredients, spices and processing.

Lumpia: This roll usually occurs in cities where Chinese live in the Philippines. It is topped with minced bamboo shoots mixed with chicken or shrimp, seasoned, then rolled in crispy rice cake and fried. Lumpia is usually served with shallots or young leeks and a sauce made from sweet soy sauce. Sometimes, this dish is served with sweet spicy sambal sauce or with fresh chili.

Sinigang: This delicious sour and sweet soup is one of the specialties. Tamarind sauce and lime calamansi bring the sour taste characteristic of sinigang, combined with the sweet taste of the meat, the bar of vegetables and a little coconut milk.

Lechon: This is a familiar dish for parties or great occasions. The whole pig is roasted on the charcoal until golden brown, soft and sweet. Pork pieces are cut and dipped with liver sauce.

Pancit Palabok: This dish is very popular, with shrimp, pork, boiled eggs, fresh onion and shrimp sauce sprinkled on rice noodles.

Adobo: Adobo is an indispensable  dish in the meals of the people here. In it, pork or chicken is cooked with vinegar, salt, garlic, pepper, soy sauce and other spices until cooked. Abodo is very good with white rice.

Sisig: The portion of pork less used as meat, cheeks, liver ... is chopped, mixed with onions, peppers, eggs. Sisig can be processed in many ways, fried or steamed and then baked. This dish has an attractive aroma, crunchy taste suitable for beer.

Kaldereta: This stew was originally made from goat meat, but now it is possible to use beef or pork instead. Meat is sliced large, boiled with potatoes, tomatoes and liver sauce, to create a rich flavor, aroma.

Grilled chicken rice: marinated chicken, lime juice, salt, chilli and garlic, peeled a layer of annatto oil and baked in charcoal. Chicken is usually served with white rice.

Leche flan: This sweet, smooth dessert is made from condensed milk and chicken eggs.

Halo-halo: Another option for dessert is halo-halo. This dish usually comes in a variety of colors, including caramel, condensed milk, ice cream, ice, extra dry fruits, beans, pearl ..., in coconut milk or glass. There is nothing more perfect to enjoy a cool halo-halo during a hot day in the Philippines.

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