Langkawi Islands – The gem of Myanmar tourism

1. An overview of the Langkawi Islands

Langkawi is an archipelago located in northwestern Malaysia, in the state of Kedad, bordering Thailand, Langkawi consists of 99 islands, also known as Eagle Island. In Malay, Lang is derived from the word Helang meaning Eagle.

This area is also home to many eagles. Today, some of Langkawi's day tours take guests to the islands to observe eagles hunting or feeding eagles. Langkawi is also a popular tourist destination because the island is located in the duty free area.

Langkawi has two most crowded areas, Kuah Town Center and Pantai Cenang Beach. The pier is located in Kuah Town and the airport is located on Pantai Cenang Beach. These two areas are separated by about 20km pass road.

2. The perfect time to travel to Langkawi

 Langkawi has a warm year-round climate, with an average annual temperature of 28 ° C (82 ° F). The appropriate time for tourists to visit is during the dry season from November to March of next year. But even in the rainy season visitors can still return to the white sand and watch the beautiful sunset on the sea.

3. Transport on the island:

- Taxis are a convenient and cost-effective means of transportation if you travel by group in Langkawi. Taxi does not charge in km, but calculate the distance and divide by the number of people (groups 1-3, 4-8, 9-11 ...). Visitors can look up Google Maps to estimate prices.

Self-drive car rental in Langkawi is quite simple with deposit and driver's license. Traffic in Malaysia circulates to the left.

- Rent a motorbike with prices ranging from RM15-30 per day

4. Attractions in the Langkawi Islands

Dataran Lang Square 

This is Langkawi's first highlight. Anyone who comes to Langkawi is also here to take a photo shoot, "marking" himself on the island of the eagles. Located near the Kuah pier, the main attraction of this place is the reddish-brown eagle statue. According to legend, the name Langkawi comes from an eagle or helang. In Old Malay, kawi means russet. Thus, Langkawi means the reddish-brown eagle. This land is the headquarters of the brave birds, the lord of blue sky. To date, for a number of reasons, the number of eagles has been reduced, but they are still preserved in some locations and become one of the major attractions for tourists.

The giant brown eagle statue flying rock wings flying to the sky attracted a lot of photographers. Ideally, standing at the intersection between the two lines on the background of the side of the statue, visitors can capture the entire eagle statue wings in the blue sky. The nightlife is shimmering and offers a great view from the sea.

Gunung Mat Chincang cable car

In the west of the island is the cable car station, located next to the Orient Village on Burau Bay, a 30-minute drive from Kuah Town, one of Langkawi's special tourist attractions. On Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays , it opens from 10am - 7pm, Fridays to Sundays : 9h30am to 7am, while Wednesdays: from 12am to 7pm. It’s 705 meters high, 919.5 meters long, 42 degrees sloping (one of the world's largest slope), it may not be as majestic as the Ba Na cable car but designed in harmony with aesthetic sophistication and unique in architecture.

The cable car swaying takes tourists up Mount Gunung Mat Chincang. Zoom into the surrounding, visitors will see the Langkawi Sky steel bridge bent like the sky.

But the sophistication of the Gunung Mat Chincang cable car is not just in the scenery. Only a very small detail but has shown a different level from the bustle of the tourist destinations of other countries. Before each station to welcome guests on the cabin, there are 6 painted yellow lines, number 1-6. Guests automatically, stand in each position and then in turn to the cabin. There’s no crowded thrust, no screaming staff, - just a gentle gesture to instruct the guests in the right position.

Langkawi Sky Bridge

The Langkawi Sky Bridge is also one of the world's most bizarre suspension bridges, with a lot of construction effort. All of the materials were helicoptered to the top of the mountain and it took many years to completely assemble the bridge system. But the results are great. Every year, this bridge has helped Malaysia attract a large number of tourists to enjoy the beauty of the mountains and forests here.

At the top are two wooden blocks, two levels each, connected by wooden suspension bridge, steel rim. It’s simple but solid, not heavy sense. There are many beautiful scenery for visitors. The sky is blue as the air with a clear water, the white clouds floating, the green trees to the eyes. However, if you come here on dew days, you will not be able to zoom out to the Thai border.

Kota Mahsuri

Legend has it that this is the most beautiful resting place in Langkawi Island. Kota Mahsuri was built to worship this woman. Legend has it that she was accused of adultery and executed by stabbing to death. But her blood was white rather than red, as evidenced by the innocence of the poor woman.


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