Mui Dinh – The Most Wanted Destination in This Summer

Sam Son, Phu Quoc, Nha Trang … are the famous and familiar coastal cities, and this summer, they may have to cede their first place to Mui Dinh - a secular heaven of Ninh Thuan province.

Mui Dinh is both the name of the landmark and the name of the lighthouse on that land. Mui Dinh is located in Phuoc Nam commune, Thuan Nam, about 30 km from Phan Rang city. Mui Dinh is located in a secluded location, the road is not convenient so it was almost unknown until recently, popular with many young people. However, Mui Dinh still retains the original natural features.

If traveling from Phan Rang, about 15km along National Highway 1A, asking for directions to Son Hai you will see signposts. Since there is no access road to Mui Dinh, you must park your vehicle and walk or rent a large terrain vehicle to move into it.

Cross the 2km sand dunes under the sun, you finally "touch the heaven". The beach is clear blue, the white sand is smooth, and the scenery is beautiful. There are not many tourist services so space is extremely private, quiet. You can spoil swimming and take pictures without being disturbed by anyone.

A memorable experience in Mui Dinh is to discover the lighthouse of the same name. Lighthouse on the top of the mountain, facing the sea; The road up here is asphalted but still very difficult to reach. Small road bends along the winding mountain. If you walk up here, you should be prepared for physical strength because the road is quite long. You can hire people to get into the lighthouse by motorbike, but be prepared that it might be very thrilling at some stage of the pass. On the way you may be lucky to meet the extremely lovely mountain goats.

The lighthouse was built in 1904 during the French colonial period to serve the region's voyages. The ideal time to get to the lighthouse is when you pick up the dawn. Mui Dinh is located 180m from sea level. From this height, you can enjoy the sun, the wind, see the whole sea below and watch the beautiful sunrise. The red sun slowly rose from the water, the horizon just like a long line across the faint off the coast.

After the "voyage" with the sunrise, visitors return to the beach below, exploring the lives of the fishermen. In the early morning there are many fishing boats catching the shore, you can ask to buy fresh seafood, thanks to the nearby sellers processing and enjoying on the spot. In the romantic scene by the beach, enjoying fresh food is an extremely worthwhile beast.

If you want to make your trip more enjoyable, you can camp on the beach one night. Due to its proximity to the sand dunes, the sand is smooth and covered with mountains, preventing the wind from blowing so Mui Dinh can camp overnight. BBQ party, camp on the sand, enjoy the cool night wind, head up to see a sky chit star will be unforgettable memories. No matter who you are, try sleeping on the beach once. The sound of waves as the whisper of a whisper, the starlight is the lamp to bring the dream to heal faster. Life turns out to be moments of daydreaming.

Notes when coming to Mui Dinh:

You should ask the price and agreement in advance if you want to rent a terrain vehicle.

If you intend to camp overnight in Mui Dinh, bring dry food, snacks because there are no shops.

Road to the Mui Dinh lighthouse is quite difficult, if you hire a motorbike taxi, the price is from 10.000 – 20.000 VND (1 USD) per way. However, you should climb because it will be more interesting.

If you do not know how to swim, ask for a life jacket from the surrounding families. Do not swim offshore because there are no rescue, few people, very dangerous.

Should be well equipped with tents, warm clothes, thin blankets because of the sea breeze in the evening.

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