Steps to book best and affordable hotel in Myanmar

Officially Republic of the Union of Myanmar also known as Burma is one of the developing countries in Southeast Asia. Myanmar has India and Bangladesh as border towards its West, Thailand and Laos towards its East, and China in north and northeast, a long coastline of around 5,850 kilometers covers the south of Myanmar.

With the change in technology, Myanmar has developed as a tourist destination. With mixed culture and races, Myanmar has adopted many different cultures and traditions which are attracting worldwide tourists. The government encourages the tourism in the country as the government receives a significant percentage of the income of private sector comes from tourism. Reaching Myanmar is only possible through direct flights which are available from many countries.

Steps to book best and affordable hotel in Myanmar

Myanmar has many tourist destinations such as:

  • Big cities – Yangon and Mandalay
  • Religious Sites – Mon State, Bago, Pindaya, Hpa-An
  • Ancient cities – Bagan and Mrauk-U
  • Beaches in – Nabule, Ngapali, Mergui and Ngwe-Saung
  • Nature trails in – Inle Lake, Kengtung, Pyin Oo Lwin, Putao 
The country has changed a lot. Tourism has grown faster than the infrastructure to support it. Many new accommodations are being opened and finding information about them is little tough. Finding best hotel in Myanmar is one of the tedious tasks.

We can find dormitory room’s i.e sharing rooms in reasonable price. The cheapest rooms are occupied first.

Sadly, a lot of hotels in Myanmar do not have online bookings. If the internet is available also it may take some while to book a hotel room. It is very common to book a hotel through phone or on arrival at Myanmar.

One more challenge with booking the rooms in Myanmar for foreigners is they should have a license. The government regulations are to have a foreign license is expensive and everyone can’t afford to purchase it. Some hotels and guest houses accept foreigners at a premium price.

We can compare guesthouses in Myanmar to other South East Asia. The cheapest rooms are often dirty and not maintained decently. If anyone is ready to spend huge money then very decent and luxurious place is available to stay. Traveling during low tourist season makes rooms available. Also, in Myanmar lesser known places are normally having better value.

Once the travel dates are finalized and flight tickets are booked here are steps to follow to find the best cheapest hotel in Myanmar.
  • Reach early in the morning, so you get higher chances of getting a hotel room. 
  • Please confirm a day prior for the room availability and confirm
  • Ask all around everywhere which looks like a hotel or accommodation
  • Take help of locals for showing the budgeted hotels
  • Ask people in different tourist locations, where they are staying and whether it’s a budgeted accommodation, if yes, check out the availability
  • Take help of taxi drivers and tourist guides for locating budgeted hotels

Other tips we can follow before reaching:

  • Pre-booking: of hotel room through a official website of the hotel is suggested. 
  • Just turn up: for less-developed countries, it is always suggested to turn up and walk around a few places to get best price. Additionally, we can step in and have a look at the rooms and have an understanding of the amenities what the hotel provides.
  • Traveler websites: many traveler websites offers information on the cheap accommodations available in a destination. These are the places visited by travelers; some of them which are not featured in renowned websites are available in these traveler websites.
  • Trawling through Blogs and Forums: referring through these blogs and travel forums can get some up-to-date results. But we have to make sure the date of the blog posted and then take necessary steps for booking our stay. 
  • Ask other travelers: meeting other travelers and seeking advice from them is the best option as most travelers like to advice about their experience. Always find out their recommendations which are useful for a destination like Myanmar.
  • Book One night only in advance: to avoid the risk of losing money by trusting internet search, book only one night in advance, you don’t like the place; you have an option to shift elsewhere.

Whatever it is, budget accommodation in Myanmar is still poorly represented online. So, follow the steps above to find a best and suitable accommodation in Myanmar and have a wonderful experience.

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yeah sure, websites like booking and airbnb might help you in more conventional destinations. I've learned it;s best to know someone from the destination that can recommend a good hotel or apartment for rent. But that's not always easy to find


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