Sunset Scene on Manila Bay

Manila Bay is a popular tourist destination of the Philippines. This place attracts a lot of visitors to visit each sunset.

Located in the eastern part of the South China Sea and west of Metro Manila, Manila Bay is a seafront with a total area of 1,994 km2, surrounded by a 190 km coastline.

Manila Bay is a leisure center, not only visited by the people of Metro Manila, but also by Filipino tourists. This is a famous place, suitable for walking and watching the sunset.

Wrap around the bay is a system of restaurants, hotels, shopping centers, providing full entertainment needs for local people and visitors.

Among them, the most famous is the SM Mall of Asia (SM MOA). In it, "SM" is short for "shoe mart" - the forerunner of the central system, the largest SM retailer in the Philippines.

Built on an area of 42 hectares, it has an area of 407,000 square meters, with more than 600 stores from worldwide brands, SM MOA is the 4th largest Philippine commercial center and 11th in the world, attractng more than 200,000 people to visit, shopping every day.

In addition, another famous facility in Manila Bay is the MOA Eye Ferris Wheel. This is the largest Ferris wheel in Philippines, with a maximum height of 55 m, 36 cabins, equipped with air conditioning. In the afternoon, with a ticket price of 200 pesos Philippines per person (about 3.6 USD), visitors will be watching Panoramic views of beautiful Manila Bay under the sunset sun. This will certainly be a very unforgettable experience when visiting the country thousands of this island.

Because of the seawater, there are breakwaters, so sitting on the embankment along the bay watching the sunset is a very attractive activity, especially couples or groups.

As the sun was setting and the night was coming, the light from the moon on the opposite side began to emerge, and the bay began to shine in the sparkle. In the evening, visitors could choose a restaurant outside. Windy weather is right here and enjoy the sea-specific seafood. If lucky, visitors can watch the beautiful fireworks on the holiday of the Philippines.


Manila bay is a popular destination to visit with best picturesque and attractiveness


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