Top 6 Most Beautiful Places To Visit In Thailand

Udon Thani province

55 kilometers from Nong Khai province, Udon Thani province is more developed but it has been preserving and conserving the  stunning natural landscapes. Among them, Red Lotus Sea Lake, home to millions of lotus, water-lilies that burst into blooming from November to February of the next year. Get there, visitors have a chance to travel along the lake by boat to access to these beautiful flowers at the shortest distance.

Udon Thani city

Visitors to Udon Thani usually grasp “check-in” pictures with the giant yellow duck placed at the center of the city, Nong Prachak Public Park. In the morning, the locals flock into the to the park to do morning exercise and pick up the fresh air. This yellow duck is considered the symbol of the hospitality of Udon Thani.

Wat Pa Phu Khon Temple

Of course, there is no shortage of famous sacred temples in Thailand, but Wat Pa Phu Khon Temple, Udon Thani city is totally worth mentioning due to the distinguishing features of the  distinctive green on a hill and reclining statue of the Buddha made of white marble. That may be the reason why the temple is considered as the most beautiful temple in the Northeast of the country. 

Ban Chiang archaelogical site

Thailand posesses seven world heritage sites recognized by UNESCO, including the archaeological site of Ban Chiang, Undon Thani province. With the aims to conserve the heritage site and introduce it to tourists within and outside the region, Thailand Goverment has built a museum as the custodian and curator of the artifacts that were found. Visiting the museum, visitors definitely admire quite elaborate objects dating back 5,000 years ago.

UD Town night market

UD Town night market has long been one of the most bustling tourist attractions in this city. The market features thousands of stalls offering souvenirs, clothing, handbags, shoes, and local tasteful dishes. That is the reason why it attracts a large number of tourists who go shopping, have dinner, and  have foot massaged after hours of going around the market.

Ban Nakha Ma

Ban Nakha Market

Ban Nakha Market offers the local tradional clothing in Udon Thani. Featuring hundreds of stalls, the market has been attractes a large number of female visitors. In addition, the market offers jewelry combined with skirts and handmade souvenirs that promises to be memorable gifts for your friends and family. From Bangkok, you can take a cheap flight of Thai Smile (under the management of Thai Airways) to get to Udon Thani International Airport in less than an hour.

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