VUI Studio – The Special Space for Young People in Hanoi

The bigger goal that VUI is aiming at is to create a playground, a creative community: filmmaking, photography, design, culture ... all gather together to look at the results. 

The 2-storey house at No. 3c is located at the end of Tong Duy Tan Street in Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi, which looks very different from the rest of this bustling street. From the quiet guard to the name "VUI" pasted on the door, or the wood panel is opening a message that makes you feel strange and curious.

Before going to meet the young and creepy people at VUI Studio, I thought that, "Well, it's just a studio like other studios, inside of machines, lights, scrolls ... That's why I fell backwards as I pushed the wooden door into VUI. A space so special and unique that I have never seen anything like this in Hanoi. This studio is not like the studio in my mind. A little shy of my limited knowledge, I quickly "shocked" the spirit to explore the VUI - a name that was not sad.

The entire house is not covered with paint, from the outside is just a characteristic gray cement rough coat. The floor is the same! But no one thinks gray is boring and tedious. Lighting system is arranged and installed delicate, extremely effective. The white light mixed with a little soft gold makes the space here is spacious, airy, warm, close.

VUI Studio is divided into 2 floors. The first floor is a small coffee shop, which sells drinks that are quite familiar and a special menu for those who like to try new dishes. Part of the space here is used to display and sell VUI products produced by themselves, or collabs with other brands. You can enjoy a cool cup of tea while watching the creative products that are sold here without having to sit still - although the furniture is arranged pretty nice and reasonable. There is a tiny attic in the interior that if you are going to sit there remember to remove the shoes below.

On the second floor there is a special room, which is both a movie theater and a venue for the theme music or the band. The day I arrived, VUI was renovating the room to provide the best experience for guests to play. Another room is reserved for young people who like quiet, need a place to work. The space outside the balcony is also suitable for those who enjoy reading in the natural light.

It can be said in Hanoi, VUI Studio is the first place to do so interesting and meaningful. The bigger goal that VUI aims at is to create a playground, a creative community: filmmaking, photography, design, culture ... all gather together and exchange knowledge and achievement. I have made.

Come to VUI, you can not always carry a boring soul. A lot of interesting things are waiting for you to discover!

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