Exploring The Ancient Nyaung Temple in Myanmar

Although Myanmar has not been a popular tourist attraction with travelers outside the region, it is undoubtedly an ideal destination for those who wish to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city, set aside all concerns and worries of life to indulge themselves into the ancient and mysterious significances. Making a visit to this friendly and hospitable country, you surely grasp unforgettable experiences.  

In addition to the “extraordinary” Inle Lake (Shan State, Myanmar), you definitely explore a series of historical relics that promise to make you “get lost” in familiar fairy tales. It is a “tough” but “rewarding” journey to access to these historical. Setting foot in them, you surely can’t stand having a crush on the long history, sophisticated architecture, and majestic nature. How amazing!

After an hour of floating on the boat on the calm water, visitors have to walk to a peaceful little village called Indein. From a further distance, you might see a group of women washing clothes, children running around the ruins, and “tradesmen” of all age selling unique local souvenirs, etc. These things definitely contribute to creating a tranquil and warm atmosphere to greet visitors. However, they are not the most wonderful thing that awaits you.

Nestled at the middle of a dense forest, built centuries ago, the ancient Nyaung Temple is considered as the symbol of the state. 

There are also several restored temples that are painted in white. Taking the ancient and modern temples into a careful consideration, you might realize that the architecture of ancient temples still have significant impacts on the new - built ones. However, they still receive a strong impression. 

Because of not being restored, many temples have collapsed over the past few years, so mosses, grasses, and seeds grow in these temples.

The patterns on each shrine and the Buddhist statue reflect the temporary culture and the skills of the people of that time.

Featuring ancient architecture, interesting history, and fresh air of the forest, Indein village promises to provide tourists with memorable moments of immersing in the history and enjoy the nature.


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