Golden Buddha Statue – The Ancient Temple in Vung Tau

There are many attractive destinations in Vung Tau: Ho May, Bai Sau, Nui Coc, Ho Tram and other beautiful places. Vung Tau owns a strange charm from the coast of green stretches along the dream landing. In addition, the bustling scenes of the boat when entering the port, the crowded seafood market, noisy also makes the coastal city more lively, fun. Vung Tau is beautiful, dynamic but Vung Tau also has quiet ancient space, help visitors relax after long hours working . The Golden Buddha Statue is such a destination. Not only possessing impressive architecture, this sacred place brings peace and happiness to the souls of visitors when coming here.

Golden Buddha Statue - The oldest temple in the sea city

The Golden Buddha Statue is also known as the Linh Son ancient pagoda is one of the famous tourist spots in Vung Tau. The temple is quite small but has impressive history. Besides this spiritual space also gives people valuable spiritual values. It helps people to have more faith in life and to eliminate all feelings of hatred.

Guests can easily find Golden Buddha Statue right at 104 Hoang Hoa Tham Street, Vung Tau City. However, few know that this is the new location of the monk Thich Tinh Vien relocated in 1959.

Previously the temple was built by Thang Tam villagers from the 60s of the XIX century on a slope of Little Mountain. When France was invaded in 1919, the temple was demolished to build a navigational mansion. Even in 1921, the temple was forced to move to another location. Through historical ups and downs, this sacred temple still stands there and survives to this day.

The Golden Buddha Statue is a Buddhist temple, so it carries the hallmark of Buddhist architecture and culture. Besides, the pagoda also preserves and worship many ancient Buddhas dating back thousands of years. Come here, visitors will admire the Buddha statue Buddha Shakyamuni gold 1.2m high gold, made of sandstone about 1600 years old. It is also because of this feature that Linh Son temple is also known as the Golden Buddha Temple. The temple is a place of pilgrimage as well as a popular tourist attraction in the coastal city of Vung Tau.

Unique features of the spiritual Linh Son temple

Vung Tau tourism, many tourists like to visit pilgrimage places such as Statue of Christ the King, Shakyamuni Buddha Nirvana, Nirvana Vihara, Quan Tien Pagoda etc. In which, many visitors do not forget to visit Linh Son temple - a sacred temple dating back to the oldest in Vung Tau.

Linh Son temple’s unique architectural space: The pagoda carries bold Buddhist architectural motifs, with curved roofs carved intricately carved. From the moment you step into the gate, you will be impressed by the two worlds. This is a very decorative detail in Vietnamese temples. Besides, the stories in Buddhist scriptures are depicted very vividly through the paintings and statues are decorated in the temple.

The scenery inside the temple is also designed boldly, very close and familiar. Space is always peaceful with green trees shady. Small lotus ponds with ancient roots emit a fragrant aroma that gives a sense of elegance and tranquility to the space.

The unique ancient Buddha statues: Linh Son temple storse many ancient unique Buddha statues. Most of these statues date back thousands of years with unique historical and cultural vestiges.

The most typical example is the Buddha statue carved in Cham culture. This statue is large with a height of 1.2m. The statue is made from ancient sandstone and has been around since the seventh century until now. According to legend, this gold medal was found by the fishing net in the Central Vietnam on the slope near the beach. The story also said that this time the crew found two large statues and a small one. After the procession, the local people prevented it from being preserved as a relic of the locality. The large statue is the golden statue of Buddha, which is retained by people and worshiped in Linh Son temple today. The statue was taken by the fishermen in Central Vietnam is worshiping at Duc Pho Pagoda, Quang Ngai.

Golden Buddha Statue is the oldest pagoda in Vung Tau with values of cultural history. Going to Linh Son temple, tourists will be immersed in the Buddhist world with peace and tranquility. The sorrows, worries are removed. Just listen to the prayer or prayer bell sound alone, in the heart of nature also see the strangeness. Especially, if you visit the temple on the occasion of praying, Quan Yin or Vu Lan festival ... visitors will be immersed in the peaceful atmosphere of the Buddha.

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