“Must – try” Experiences of Young Travelers When Traveling Vung Tau

1. Enjoying the beach at Bai Truoc Park

Featuring the green space of lush trees running along the coast, fresh breezes blowing from the sea, and interesting activities promising to bring about unforgettable moments, Bai Truoc Park is without dispute an ideal destination for those who love “escape” the hustle and bustle of the city. Especially, the park attracts a significant number of both locals and tourists to admire the sea at night or gather with friends and relatives when the city is sparkling with light.

2. Visiting Robert Taylor Ancient Weapon Museum

As the name would suggest, the museum is the custodian and curator of more than 2,500 ancient weapons (guns, swords, etc), military costumes dating back from 16th century  from all over the world. These artifacts were dedicatedly collected by a British man named Robert Taylor. With a strong passion for antiques, he founded the museum and introduced these artifacts to the public.

3. Driving motorbike Truoc (Front) Beach to  Sau (Back) Beach

If you love traveling by motorbike, you should definitely try driving motorbike along the route from Front Beach to Back Beach when visiting Vung Tau. You definitely grasp pretty pictures on the rocks at Front Beach and enjoy the bustle of the coastal city, especially the activities on the beach and activities at night.

4. Watching the dog race

If you travel Vung Tau on Friday and  Saturday, you should definitely make a visit to the fascinating dog race to cheer for the Greyhound dogs (the Irish-origin dogs that are breed by the Australian) Irish breeders) at Lam Son Stadium. It’s worth mentioning that the stadium is the only place in Vietnam organizing dog races and the largest dog race spot in Southeast Asia.

5. Grasping “thousand – like” pictures in Ngoc Xuong eco - tourism area

Ngoc Xuong eco - tourism is located at Group 6/70, Hai Binh Hamlet, Long Hai Town, Long Dien District, Vung Tau. Lying at the foot of Hon Dung Mountain, only 2 kilometers from Long Hai, this tourist attraction is famous for the “fresh” green space of trees, streams, and lakes. Moreover, it features the great significances of the country in the Southern region of Vietnam such as foot bridge, fruit garden, etc.  Let give it a try!

6. Visiting the historic guerilla base of Minh Dam

Minh Dam base area is the historical site during the French and American Indochina war in Ba Ria - Vung Tau province. Located in Dat Do commune, 6 kilometers from the town of Long Hai, Minh Dam base attracts a significant number of locals, tourists and veterans to commemorate the glorious achievements of the civil wars. Visiting the historical site, you do not have a chance to understand revolutionary activities of soldiers but also explore the vast forests, bending roads, caves nestling on the cliffs, etc.

7. Visiting Binh Chau - Phuoc Buu Nature Reserve

Binh Chau - Phuoc Buu Nature Reserve is compared to the “green lung” of Ba Ria - Vung Tau province. It features the “harmonious” combination of primeval forests, mountains, seas, and hot springs. In addition, the rich fauna always contributes to draw the curiosity and attention of tourists to this amazing nature conservation area.

8. Boiling eggs in Binh Chau Hot Spring

Binh Chau Hot Spring is situated in Bung Rieng Commune, Xuyen Moc District, Ba Ria - Vung Tau Province.  Nestled in the middle of the primeval forest, characterized by 70 spots of “open – air” water spraying and rich mineral mud, Binh Chau Hot Spring is undoubtedly an ideal destination for those who love indulging themselves in the pristine nature and experiencing mud bathing. Visiting this hot spring, you do not only have a chance to “disguise” as “avatar” with mud, but also enjoy the feeling of waiting for boiled eggs in a natural hot well after an interesting day.


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