Visit These Places When You Go to Sydney

If you’re a big fan of beautiful beaches, then Sydney is the perfect place for you.  The great thing about Sydney is that there are plenty of beaches you can choose from, and all of them showcase what beautiful beaches are made of. Whether you want to surf or just frolic in the fine sand, the city has something to offer to you. Simply put, you would have almost unlimited stunning beach choices when you step into the city.

The beaches of the north harbor, from Manly to Palm Beach, are well-known for their greener and less developed features, attracting tourists who are not very fond of crowded and city-like lifestyle. While beaches of the south harbor, from Bondi to Cronulla, are more developed and usually filled with both local and foreign tourists. You can never go wrong with lazy walks in the long stretch of Cronulla beach, and going there is quite convenient as it is the only beach spot that is accessible via train. Bondi on the other hand is very popular because of the multitude of dining places tourists can try, aside from being a popular surf destination. However, if you are after splendid view, Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk will never fail you.

Sydney has been one of Meccas for surf enthusiasts as the city boasts beaches with great waves. If you’re trying surfing for the first time, you could never go wrong with Bondi and Manly. Surf lessons are offered on these beaches year-round. However, if you’re a more experienced surfer who wants to ride the playful waves of the capital, you would want to head to Narrabeen and Dee Why. For advanced surfers, popular choices are Cronulla and Coogee.

Since Sydney takes tourism seriously, you would have plentiful of choices as far as luxury accommodation is concerned. There is a good number of luxury accommodation near Sydney, so if you plan to explore the capital while enjoying world-class accommodation. If you are visiting Sydney, there is no shortage of world-class accommodation Sydney you can choose from. There are dozens of famous boutique and five-star hotels in and around Sydney so you would have multitude of choices. Common features and amenities of these luxury accommodations include health and fitness centers, spa facilities, entertainment and recreation, and Internet services. So, if you are looking for the best relaxation and most convenient stay in the area, choosing a good hotel would be perfect.

Accommodation Sydney hotels are not the only ones that can provide you the best accommodation. A luxury accommodation within and around Sydney provides clients with topnotch and uncompromising services. Since staying in such hotels is not cheap, you can expect to experience one-of-a-kind luxury vacation stay. The business services are always spot-on, and you don’t have to worry about housekeeping, laundry, Internet, of course, spa. In a nutshell, your stay in Sydney will be more memorable if you choose to stay at a luxury hotel near the capital.

If you’ll be visiting Sydney in January, you should not miss the Sydney Festival, which feature more than 400 contemporary cultural performances. Imagine a big celebration with at least 140 events with more than 1,000 artists in about 30 venues – indeed something every foreign tourist should experience. In case you’re in Sydney in October, there’s no reason for you to miss the annual Good Food Month, which showcase the best of Sydney cuisine and street foods. This annual event is flocked by both local and foreign tourists who want to experience authentic and delightful Sydney cuisine.

Visiting Australia is never complete without exploring the wonders of Sydney. Aside from being the country’s capital, Sydney remains as one of the most visited destinations among foreign tourists because of its beauty and attractions. Visiting Sydney is definitely a refreshing experience due to the fact that there are many things to do in the city.


Sydney is capital city of austalia and it have so many good things to get fun. Its really amazing city to enjoy and shared good information about that beautiful city.
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Last week i visited sydney. So many good places is there in Sydney, I enjoyed a lot.


Thanks for sharing these alluring destination where ever wanna go if i will go Sydney .

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There so many off the beaten path locations around Sydney. No matter how long I’ve lived in this beautiful country, its untamed nature never ceases to amaze me, hence our family tradition to roam the wilderness whenever we possibly can
The key to remember here is that whichever vehicle you choose to roam around in, the roads change swiftly from sandy to paved and rugged in the forest-covered area. If you want to make sure your car can handle it and you're strapped for time, you can call a reliable mobile mechanic in Sydney to make sure you’re all set for the road. Traveling with kids means we always have to take extra precautions, and it’s worth the effort!


Great post! I'll be going to Sydney in November after my trip to Barcelona. Super excited about it! Thank you for sharing this info.


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