6 Beneficial Things to Remind Before Travelling to Myanmar

Setting foot in somewhere wonderful but collects a large number of strangeness and distinction is definitely not as easy as pie for everyone. That is also the case with taking a trip to the mysterious land namely Myanmar. Undoubtedly, many obstacles are waiting for you such as the language obstruction, infrastructures, or kinds of transportation, which can make you hard to get acquainted quickly when going on your tours in Myanmar. Today, Myanmar Private Holidays would like to suggest 6 benefical things to remind before your trip to this beautiful land.

1. Learn Few Burmese Words 
The best way to get familiar with the people of a country including Myanmar is to share with them a common language. Sometimes, a smile is friendly enough for a nice impression among everyone in the crowds. Being capable of learning a few basic phrases, however, you will not only save your time to go around corners of Burmese towns but also get a warmer response from the locals. In this golden nation, although the bulk of local people are aware of English a little bit, communicating with several Burmese phrases or sentences to locals is always received more fantastically.

2. Wear Plain Clothes
It is essential for both man and women to raise awareness of wearing plain clothing items. To illustrate, from the entrance gate of a Buddhist temple or pagoda, there is no exceptions for anyone but following all strict rules like no shoes, no socks, no straps and no shorts as well.  
Even when it is extremely hot outside, do not insist on dressing up short skirts and crop tops or tube tops, the stares which you will receive from the locals are not worth the high temperature. Perhaps, coming to Myanmar, adhering to its conservative culture is really a must.

3. Bring Tissues
The idea of carrying tissues will help you a lot in this entirely different country. For instance, numerous toilets here which are built base on squat style and sometimes do not provide toilet paper. You might not believe but it's a truly fun fact. In this circumstance, you may feel on top of the world when having a few tissues available. To be more flexible, you can purchase tissues in any local stores which are near the road that you go through.

4. Be careful with Taxis
After contemplating some fantastic Burmese cities by one of the finest Luxury Myanmar River Cruises, you can quickly pick up a taxi to continue your interesting journey. Nevertheless, taxis in Myanmar have not been yet common and regulated. That is why getting a taxi from the airport to downtown can be a hassle, especially if the driver is overcharging you to earn more money for themselves. However, please do not be quickly anxious! The standard fare applied in most places of Yangon is fluctuated between 2,000 and 5,000 MMK (US$1.50-3.70) and between 8,000 and 10,000 MMK (US$6-7.40) to the airport or Aung Mingalar Bus Station.

5. Be Flexible
Developing the flexibility during your trip is a necessity that you should take note. Of course, everything will not always carry on as what you planned because food, vehicles, bathrooms, and other amenities are all unfamiliar to you. In particular, instead of being frustrated with a tight schedule caused by a bus coming late, maintaining an open mind will allow you to have more chances to enrich more experiences.

6. Smile

Let's hold a belief that the smile is your countless treasure. In fact, smiling at strangers whenever you can like the moment grabbing a taxi or ordering food certainly brings much more pleasure, at least for you. Unsurprisingly, as a result of being extremely friendly, Myanmar people are willing to respond positively to your smiles. Even they may trust in you more if you smile, especially when you are in rural areas.

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