Tips to Travel Well and Dress Light

Traveling is perhaps one of the best hobbies that a person can have. It provides essential rejuvenation, gives us exposure, and the essential escapism and entertainment that we crave for. People who travel often should take the benefit of certain travel hacks to make their globetrotting experiences full of fun. The first and foremost thing that we do after we plan an itinerary is packing. If you have an adventurous streak then you need to pack accordingly. You cannot take hordes of stuff along that is not even needed throughout the trip. If you have a subscription to one of the Spectrum TV Packages, you must have witnessed those movies that revolve around the travel freaks. You must be awed at their ability to dress all trendy while having just one backpack along. You need to learn all the hacks to pack smartly.
Tips to Travel Well and Dress Light

The hassle of catching your flight in time, your sleep patterns being disturbed, jet lag, and having to haul your excess luggage around, traveling becomes one hell of a challenge. And if you want to flaunt your trendy dressing on your social media accounts while you are on the go, it becomes even hard, with having to pack a lot of stuff. But little do they know that it doesn’t require too much packing and extra efforts to look trendy on the go. Let’s enlighten you with some amazing and clever packing hacks. And yes! You can travel light and dress well at the same time.

Pack Clothes in Coordinating Hues

Try to pick casual and easy-to-wear clothes for your traveling experiences. When you pack, try to pick matching colors so that you are able to mix and match every piece and create multiple looks for different days. Your destination also tells a lot about which colors you should pick. If your destination is urban, such as Paris, go for classy monochromes, charcoal, navy, and so on. If you are heading to beaches or somewhere with a lot of outdoor excursions, try white, bright hues, khaki, and so on. As far as the clothing articles are concerned, keep it casual. A pair of jeans and pants with a few T-shirts is always a good option. To add class and style, keep a few blazers too.

Only Pack the Must-Haves

Make it a habit. Remove the ‘just in case’ items from your luggage and only focus on the must-haves. If you love to dress up, you will have to sacrifice and only pack a few of your favorite clothing items. Remember, you cannot cater clothing for all possible situations and can only take along the essentials that you wear on an average day.

Pack for A Week

This tip is going to help you a lot. If you are traveling for a couple of weeks, a month or even a year, you need to break the packing list into a manageable chunk and that is…One week! Packing for every possible situation is practically impossible. Pack according to your average week and you can easily manage it. Staying for more than a week doesn’t mean packing your entire wardrobe. If you are staying more than a week, you need to do laundry and repeat the clothes.

Exercise Gear in Flights

Sportswear has become a part of trendy clothing lines these days. On long flights, you can slip into one of your trendy yet absolutely comfortable exercise clothes. Also, they are easy to fold and pack. Compression leggings are a good idea and can be conveniently paired with a cotton top and a blazer. Hoodies and track jackets are a good choice for men.

Accessorize Appropriately

Right accessories essentially change the entire look of an outfit and they don’t need to be too many. Pack a few of your favorite items in accessories that go with your outfits to add a spark to your outfit. Also, keep your essential makeup items in a nice sleep pouch. We repeat, ‘essential’ makeup items, please!

For men, we suggest keeping a couple of belts and pairs of socks to go with the clothing.

Minimize the Number of Shoes

We will again emphasize on casual when it comes to the footwear. Consider taking loafers, sneakers, sandals, and low boots and perhaps just one pair of heels for the dinners and evenings. For women, we suggest keeping only three pairs of shoes. Trust us your trip would be just right in three pairs. There are lightweight sneakers are in the market that fold. Both men and women should consider them. Men should keep only two pairs of shoes along.

Moreover, your traveling doesn’t stay restricted to just moving around from one place to another for the sake of moving – there’s more you can do with traveling! Utilize the time you travel in teaching and learning things from the same place. If you get certified in TEFL course online than it would be better for you to do so. This not only gives you the opportunity to earn but also to expand your knowledge and wisdom.

It is said that, “Move”, no matter where and when, just move: to discover yourself and the world. Travelling brings you to a world full of opportunities, and with the traveling tips mentioned above along with the desire to open up new windows to life, pack up your bag and experience the new life. There’s more in the world out there then you can imagine, and all that it requires is your movement. Happy light traveling!

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